back to article Scammers take advantage of ticket allocation to craft Olympics scams

Fraudsters have begun ramping up the production of scams ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games in London next July. The ticket allocation lottery process has been accompanied by two email-borne scams, with more surely to follow, Trend Micro warns. The first of the scam messages comes with a .DOC attachment that asks for personal …


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  1. Graham Marsden

    So you can be ripped off individually...

    ... by the scammers...

    ... instead of being ripped of as a country by the last Government pi$$ing away huge amounts of money on a massive vanity project :-(

    1. Elmer Phud

      Last Chance Saloon?

      Shirley you're not dissing Boris's big hope for winning the London Mayor elections? Half of London is now sporting Barclay's Blue.

  2. Shannon Jacobs

    Would you like to break the spammers' business model?

    Would you volunteer to help shut down the spammers? What if Gmail or Yahoo offered better tools to go after ALL of the spammers' accomplices? Remember that there are LOTS of people who hate spam, but only a SMALL number of suckers who send money. Let's respond to the spammers' get-rich-quick scams by making them get poor quick!

    Would you regard your email address as more valuable if the spammers were afraid to spam it because they would get deluged by complaints? Not just their ISP and webhost (a la SpamCop), but ALL of their accomplices, such as their domain registrars, link shorteners, fake-opt-out email suppliers, and anyone else who is supporting them. What about the value of the brands that are attacked by spammers? Would Coke or Disney want to protect themselves if we helped report abuse of their valuable reputations?

    Just dreaming, eh?

    Signed, wannabe spam fighter first-and-last class?

  3. James 5


    ... just ignore the games.

    Then you're not going to try to buy tickets . Hence no chance for rip-off.

  4. Yag

    The main scam...

    .. is the Olympic games themselves.

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