back to article FCC commish to lobby for Comcast-NBC giant she OK'd

An FCC commissioner who argued for and voted to approve Comcast's $6.5bn borging of NBC Universal is quitting her government position to become a lobbyist for the communications and media giant she helped to bring into existence. Meredith Attwell Baker – who was one of two Republicans serving on the five-member commission – …


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  1. ScifiterX
    Thumb Down

    Can the corruption be any more apparent?

    I sorry but when you are this blatant you have to go.

  2. RJ


    Not even trying to hide the corruption anymore.

  3. lglethal Silver badge

    I was having a discussion...

    I was having a discussion just recently with an american friend of mine discussing different types of governments and their actions - Totalitarian governments pass laws to protect the Regime, Theocracies pass laws to protect the Church, Democracies pass laws to protect the People.

    After much discussion we came to the conclusion that the US is no longer a Democracy! It is a Corpocracy - it passes laws to protect the Corporations.

    Any nation that could possibly not see the actions of this FCC commisioner as highly corrupt and doesnt pass laws to make this sort of action illegal (or not enforce them if they already exist) cannot possibly be a Democracy...

  4. Bobsch

    Ho hum

    And so another political appointee takes a bribe. Why would anyone be surprised by this?

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