back to article Cybercrooks set up shop in Canada

Canada is on its way to becoming an unlikely hotbed of cybercrime. As hosting providers in China and Eastern Europe have begun to clean up their act, mostly in response to external pressure, cybercrooks have begun looking to countries with better online reputations, such as Canada. As a result, the number of Canadian servers …


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  1. MyronC

    I bet you...

    That 90% of it is in Quebec and 90% of that 90% is in Montréal. It feels like Quebec is Canada's Nigeria or something by the amount of fraud I see originating from there.

  2. Shane Kent
    Thumb Down

    Lol, blame Canada...

    Is microsoft's crap software made here? MS should pay because I sure as he'll don't expect to pay more taxes or higher ISP rates. MS, and all the other companies, because there ain't much made here.

    1. greenhat
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      Not seen the south park movie then?

  3. Rombizio

    Blame Stephen Harper

    He is more concerned in passing that stupid law to force ISPs to do deep packet inspection on all IPs and to give customers names and addresses without a legal warrant than to really fix any issues with thos damn Quebec bastards.

    Adding to this the fact the government wants to let ISPs to charge internet usage per GB without having a fixed rate plan and we have here the worst scenario possible for internet users. High prices, no privacy, no concern with SPAM/botnets and too much regulation.

    All we need now is another asshole in the government to try to implement the same stupid firewall ideia they have in Australia. Then I am moving. I am tired of paying for stupidity.

  4. AdamWill

    Go Canada!

    We're helping! We're helping!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    What.. you mean

    Internet "Canadian" pharmacies may actually be based in Canada in the future?


  6. JaitcH

    Canada, eh? What a pity!

    It's most likely the border jumpers from south of the 49th who have just realised that the laws in Canada are way different from the U.S.A.

    So many of the heavy handed, draconian laws - such as the DCMA - are not in effective in Canada, plus we have some extremely fast InterNet pipes.

    It's similar to the there being no TSA to rifle your air baggage - Canada is much more understanding and offers a great way to avoid the U.S. of A.

    And our BC marijuana is way better than anything the U.S.A. has, along with the beer! You know something is going right up here when the DEA is bitching about our laws. What better reasons to come north?

    1. Marvin the Martian

      So your post can be summed up as

      I for one welcome our stoned, drunken, IPstealing, fraudulent new immigrants?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    What the right hand giveth, the left hand taketh away

    It may amuse regulars to hear that when I went looking for an online source of Indian-made generic viagra the other day (much cheaper than the brand name stuff, and just as effective), I discovered that the sources I had on my "reliable" shortlist one and all said "we do not ship to Canada." LIving in Burundi? They'll ship. In the US? They'll ship. But not if you live in the Great White North.

    Sometimes I don't understand this country; maybe I'm not eating enough seal flipper pie.

    1. Shaun Hunter

      Oh The Humanity!

      We don't let unregulated knockoff drugs in our country. Actually we do, go to a health food or sex store dummy.

      Or go to your Doc and ask for the real deal, he'll probably shoot you a tester.

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