back to article Operation Flashpoint 2: Red River

Hightailing it across the vast, open countryside in the middle of the night. Fighting a desperate rearguard action against an indomitable force. Squinting through the claustrophobic green murk of nightvision for enemies hidden among trees and rocky outcrops. Operation Flashpoint: Red River Gun runners Fearing the lethality …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    After the constant developer lies and broken game that was Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, I'm sure that there are great many people like me, who will never buy another Codemasters game

  2. Field Commander A9

    too authentic !?

    To me it's just too arcade.

    Going back to ArmA2 now.

  3. Ben Bawden

    "arid planes"

    What are they? Ones that have run out of jetfuel?

    Perhaps you meant arid plains.

  4. MJI Silver badge

    I liked the advert

    But the game doesn't seem to be as good

  5. Sir Runcible Spoon


    "by Al Mathews (Apone from Aliens)"

    "Assholes and elbows people, we 'aint payin' you by the hour! " great line

  6. sumguy
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    opflash best ever pc war sim

    opflash cold war crisis was probably the best war sim ever. probly not as good on xbox and i am speaking as an xbox user. my PC just isnt up to it these days. cant beat the mouse and keyboard controls!

  7. KindnessToVice
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    Just so you know...

    While Al Matthews does provide a voice-over for the game, it's for Battalion Commander Col. Shannon J.Hardaway, not SSgt Knox.

    That's quite the mistake there El Reg, but one that quite a few sites have made. Not that I'm saying you just copied other places of course.

    Thumbs up for the review in general and for the game.

  8. ZX12R A1
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    My thoughts

    Have to say its a whole lot easier than the first OF however it is the better for it.

    I much prefer the lack of John J moments and the requirement to think about how to take a location.

    It is very much a 4 player coop game but well worth the effort.

  9. Chris Harries

    Realism is the point

    In your verdict I'm not sure if you are citing the high-realism as a "flaw". I hope you are not as this was the whole point of the game. First OF will stay with me for a long time, just for the shear effort and realism it created. I like COD and BF (many happy memories on 64 player BF1942) but they are not realistic

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