back to article Intel juices cash dividend (again)

Intel is rolling in cash, and like all mature companies, it pays a dividend to reward its shareholders and to help boost its share price in a positive feedback loop that, in turn, helps it make more money. Intel has so much cash – even after shelling out a fortune to invest in its future 22-nanometer chip fabs – that on …


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  1. ash9.5

    Buy Backs! What next?? bring out the dancing bears (Dom-dom-dom-dom)

    Larabee, McAfee, 3D chips, and buy backs - Intel is trying to not tell you something.


    1. Flybert

      Intel showing it's great business sense for the most part

      Larrabee .. couldn't compete as a discrete graphics card .. Intel smartly dropped that and is now using nVidia tech for GPU development .. well worth the $1.5 billion .. Intel continues focus on it's core business . nVidia on it's core business .. and AMD loses against both companies in CPU and GPU

      McAfee .. jury still out .. however it's a good brand name, and McAfee tech *might* play out to be worth the $7.68 billion .. think it's a stretch for a company with a GAAP net income of $184 million, but certainly smarter than MS paying more for Skype, which loses money

      Buy backs tells you a company is sound and expects to continue doing well .. the time to worry and be suspicious is when they are issuing / diluting stock to raise money

      Intel .. in my estimation, is likely the smartest mature tech company in the world . both to consumers and it's shareholders .. a rare thing these days ..

This topic is closed for new posts.

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