back to article What happened when Huawei called in the makeover consultants

Chinese kit supplier Huawei is working hard to gain acceptance in the west, employing the best in the business to give it a western look that's more than skin-deep. Taking a walk around its Shenzen HQ this week, I could, almost, convince myself I was on just another tech campus in California. However, despite its best efforts …


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  1. Turtle_Fan

    IF I were a cynic...

    I'd be tempted to view your visit and report as part of the image relaunch exercise...

    Thank god I'm no cynic and always assume implicit trust on what everyone tells me :)

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    So Huawei is the Chinese Cisco.

    Customers may make of that what they will.

  3. doofus


    Heard so many similar comments. It is this perception (and maybe the reality also) that needs to be changed to bring trust in their products and the company.

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