back to article Finnish police close case on phishing Trojan gang

Finnish police closed on investigation on Tuesday after arresting 17 people suspected of involvement in a banking Trojan scam used to siphon off hundreds of thousands of euros held in accounts with Nordea Bank. The alleged perpetrators, from Estonia and Finland, attempted to steal €1.2m through a series of over 100 false …


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  1. Steven Roper
    Thumb Up

    Well - String 'em up.

    Hang 'em high.


  2. Anonymous John

    Phinnish police close in on phishing Trojan gang

    Phixed it for you.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    First the name is Mikko Hypponen, then Hyponnen.

    Both are a bit wrong, as the name really is Mikko Hyppönen. But as computers, and americans can't handle ¨, Hypponen might be acceptable version.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pretty impressive

    The bank uses an 8-digit PIN plus one time pad to login. Transfers have to be confirmed using a separate mechanism. It appears to be a pretty solid mechanism.

    The details of the trojan would be interesting. It appears users neglected to check that SSL encryption was in place.

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