back to article EMC redefines its flash future

EMC is starting to bet its primary data farm on flash, announcing multi-level cell flash SSDs for its arrays, all-flash arrays and, in a surprise move, server-side flash integrated with array side flash, code-named Project Lightning. The company has already shipped all-flash arrays to customers who requested such customised …


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  1. karl 15

    Not the luckiest name

    Project Lightning is not the luckiest name for a project that involves computers.

    I hope they are working on a Project Surge protector too lol

  2. Anonymous Coward

    EMC Marketing

    "other storage array vendors will hurriedly develop their own technology"

    Chris, don't fall for EMC marketing.

    Guess all big storage vendors already have this in their labs. It's not like EMC were the only ones to come up with that idea. Not even the first to present this. See the Mercury project by NetApp, presented 3 months ago:

  3. Lou 2


    ... sound like a flash in the pan to me.

    Sure all the vendors are running the labs at full speed to roll out flash -but then even flash couldn;t save Sun from the meltdown. Oracle is not doing much better with the flash - execept fitting it to its Exa-xxtx range.

    MLC flash will just dumb down the 'amazing' perfomance increase flash bought. Back to normal then.

    If you do not have flash - don't try and play in the storage game. Its the panacea that is going to save us! Until the next cool technology.

  4. wiggin

    Even the Name is not Original

    Sun released their Lightning F5100 Flash only array and F20 Flash PCIe card in Sept 2009....they made the mistake IMHO of making the F5100 array SAS only attach which made it difficult to share in HA environments.

    Server side flash sounds great but applications with high IO and low latency are also typically mission critical and need high availability. Any thoughts on making the data HA between multiple clustered server nodes?

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