back to article HTC Facebook branded, buttoned phones appear online

HTC will have two Facebook-branded phones out next month, according to, which has now posted pages for the handsets. Both will go on sale on 26 June, the retailer reckons, Sim free and complete with a dedicated Facebook button. HTC ChaCha HTC ChaCha The £250 ChaCha is a BlackBerry-style boy with a fixed …


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  1. CraPo

    T-Mobile also for the ChaCha

  2. NoneSuch
    Thumb Up


    Now where is the function that deletes it...

  3. Conrad Longmore

    Not exactly a secret

    Not exactly a secret though are they? They were announced in February..

    Amusingly, "ChaCha" is slightly rude in Spanish..

  4. JasonW

    Call me an old stick in the mud...

    ... but why do I need a Facebook button? Is it so difficult to have the facebook app/widget on the screen?

    Mind you I'm probably not the target demographic - not having a facebook account.

    1. frank ly


      You've probably got a fully working brain as well.

  5. Code Monkey

    Roll up, roll up!

    This is your chance to own next year's MySpace phone!

  6. PartTimeLegend

    Titles are pointless

    If I delete the app from data/app or system/app will the button stop working? I assume I can map it to something else. This could lead to some amusing apps that remap the button.

    Mine's the one with the HTC Desire HD running RCMix Kingdom v0.1 with Sense 3.0 with a Facebook button on the home screen.

    1. Sir Sham Cad

      Well, quite.

      HTC Desire Z, one swipe gesture to FriendStream from the home screen.

      What is the point of a dedicated Facebook button apart from a cynical attempt to cash in on the FB brand, on a phone already running HTC Sense?

      1. Michael Jennings

        HTC is an OEM/ODM style company

        They will make a branded / cobranded product for anyone, as long as they think they can sell some. Nothing wrong with that.

  7. krakead

    If it's anything like Facebook on the web...

    ...there will be updates every week that will, without warning, rearrange the interface and change how key functionality works.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not to mention...

      ...resetting your privacy settings whenever it feels like.

  8. dssf

    This will probably RILE Apple up, but here goes...


    Faces + Time = FBFT

    Imagine people popularize the term "Hey, facetime me" or "facebook me"


    interface + in your face = iface

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