back to article Dell sharpens four-socket Opteron blade

It has been more than a year since Advanced Micro Devices got its "Magny-Cours" Opteron 6100 processors to market, and server makers are still rolling out new form factors of machines that make use of the twelve-core x64 chips. It's Dell's turn, with a hefty four-socket blade that packs the kind of memory expansion hypervisors …


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  1. ash9.5

    Not just cheaper in price

    What most miss in these times of economic consciousness is that over time money is saved through energy efficiency per watt, and productivity per watt, all contributing to bottom lines. AMD has built in their line of chips a cost savings structure that adds to bottom line, as well as an increase in overall productivity- the chips pay for themselves- immediately.....Intel cannot compete against the above benefits of AMD's Fusion -


    1. Anonymous Coward

      Fusion? Not in the datacentre...

      Opteron != Fusion.

      AMD does not have some universal performance per watt advantage at all, they make some good cheap gear for low end servers, but TCO is debatable... most of their desktop lineup is the same, using a lot more power than a similarly peforming Intel part. Yours is sadly a badly informed fanboi post....

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