back to article Microsoft adds RIM to its anti-Google axis

When Microsoft first burst on the mobile scene with the original Windows Mobile, its strategy was to work around the Symbian brigade by getting close to operators, via mainly white label phone-makers. Hence the rise and rise of HTC, on the back of huge market share in an OS that interested very few rivals, plus the special …


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  1. IT specialist

    It's the alliance of the losers

    All the mobile platform vendors who have failed or their platform marketshare is in freefall, join together to form the alliance of the losers.

    Nokia - Microsoft Windows Phone 7 - RIM BlackBerry

    They can now hold hands as their platforms ride off into oblivion.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    "Microsoft adds RIM to its anti-Google axis" YES YES ES

    Which actually is a good thing! People need to drop this one-sided love affair with Google! Wake up little ones and open your eyes!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    WP7 ≃ NokiaOS

    The partnership with Nokia i starting to hurt relations with other manufacturers. There's a lot of scepticism and suspicion that Nokia will be handed unfair advantages. Expect the number of winphones from manufacturers like HTC and Samsung to drop significantly unless MS succeeds to compensate with bullying tactics, such as those recently documented by Barnes &Noble.

    1. Ilgaz

      Update scandal hit Samsung brand

      There are some articles on sites like CNET suggesting against buying a Samsung Windows phone. Can you imagine that? Just because OS vendor messed up and didn't take couple of days to test software on real hardware, your brand is hit.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Fixed it for ya

    RIM joins Nokia and Microsoft in the mobile world of has-beens. (or in Microsoft;'s case, never have been, never will be).

  5. Paul Shirley

    Playbook too crippled to help

    "keep the all-important BlackBerry services intact by ensuring the PlayBook and BlackBerry are still viable devices with plenty of software."

    I don't really see how shipping Playbook without BES built in is anything but failure. Needing to tether a Blackberry to get your mail makes the Playbook an expensive docking station, not a driver for BES. Worse yet, if BES does get opened to IOS,WP7 & Android, the Blackberry becomes redundant and there's no compelling reason to choose Playbook over any other tablet device.

    Far as I can see Playbook is DOA with the public, not just developers.

  6. Mike Row
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    Nail in the coffin.

    Microsoft needs to stop forcing their on line services into the operating system.

    I hate BING Windows Live and MSN. I don't like them or their results. I hate tha I cannot remove thier &*^*(&^ from my computer operating system. THey are not OS components. THey are clients to online services.

    THey also need to take their ()*&&)(* &*(^ out of Internet Explorer.

    If someone knows how to rip bing out of ie cxompletely for ALL users of the machien and leave no traces their are lots of us wanting to know.

    RIM need to accept that the Blackberry asit stands is a dated device. FOr basic email and texting they're great. But the world has moved on. No body wants a "PlayBook" Without independent operation it is nothing more than the TOY it's name implies.

    They need to give Microsoft the KISS OFF not jump in bed with them. Otherwise it is simply the Microsoft Kiss Of Death.

    Windows on a PHONE? Get real. I'm already trapped in a Windows computer world. Not going to extend their dictatorship over my life to include a phone.

    Apple has already shown the vendor cannot be trustedwith access to your phone.

    I already know I don't trust Microsoft on my PC. I'm certainly not going to trust them with a device I have to carry with me all the time.

    1. Spearchucker Jones

      Guessing... trust Google, then? Which is kindof ironic but hey, what do I know*.

      By the way, ever considered resigning and finding a new job in a company that doesn't use Windows? Or is that harted actually a stop-it-I-love-it kind of thing?

      * I actually like Windows, and I really like Windows Phone.

    2. blodwyn


      Microsoft Dynamics didn't make the cut when we were choosing a CRM system, because it will ONLY work with Internet Explorer. We tried it with Firefox, Safari and Chrome, Opera, etc. It refused to work. This is just plain stupid, trying to force people to use your free web browser and possibly loosing the sale of a CRM system because of it.

  7. Doug 3

    catching falling stars may get them a black hole

    They hope it also gets them a worm hole to a universe where they have a successful market and keep Windows relevant. What are the odds of that happening? Not very good and it appears most people think Microsoft will get a black hole to nowhere for Windows Phone 7, 8, etc.

    beer glass because they'll want to drink it still holding its shape.

  8. Levente Szileszky

    AS I said numerous times...

    ...any kind of business with Microsoft is the kiss of DEATH.

  9. Mikel

    RIM Bings Blackberry

    Verizon Bings Android phones, RIM Bings Blackberry. Their poor customers have to work around this by Googling in the browser.

    You have a product. The goal is to make the product more attractive, not less so. The vast majority of people prefer Google for mobile search and maps. People can get Google search and maps from your competitors. The only reason to Bing their phones and take their choice away because you were paid to do so - which is not going to make them like you nor inspire them to buy your products in preference to products that are more like what they want.

    I am reminded of a recent reconnaissance trip I made of a Blockbuster video store. I went in there to find out how a company that grew so large so fast could be in such dire straits. The entire trip was so clearly engineered to make the experience as unpleasant and expensive at possible, giving the impression of extracting as many dollars as possible from everyone who dared enter. Once the door closed on you, you literally could not escape through it - you had to run the product gauntlet and be interrogated by staff to beat your retreat through a different portal. I won't be going back in there.

    A similar trip to Best Buy yielded a similar result. There I actually bought a product because I needed it right away. The nonsense they put you through to buy a product is remarkable. It's no wonder is cleaning their clock.

    Look, marketing is not some magic voodoo formula. You stock products that people want, and put as little friction between them finding it and them giving you their money as possible. If you can make the experience fun as well, much better. Your job is not to make the products and experience as bad as people will tolerate. You don't add shovelware like Bing. You don't Bing people's phones.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    MS stop messin about

    MS need to stop pratting about and stick half dozen fixed models on the market and state that's the lot. I don't like iPhone but restricting people's choice ( "Any colour you like so long as it's black!" ) has not hurt Apple's bottom line. MS trying to get into bed with everyone and get on all hardware, just like their PC strategy. Great idea! Might have worked way back int he 1990's when there were no serious contenders on the desktop O/S market, but this is the very fragmented mobile market, it's not the same and with Android and IOS beating everyone else hands down, MS need a serious wake-up call if they want to stay in the game.

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