back to article Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman steps down

Matt Zimmerman, chief technology officer at commercial Linux distributor Canonical, is stepping down. In a blog post today, Zimmerman said after seven years with the company, which creates and supports the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, "the time is right for me to move on from this role, where I enjoy so much support from my …


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  1. FordPrefect


    Is he taking the fall for Unity being so completely and utterly awful?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      That or...

      He's had enough of copying Apples OS design, and is trying for a place there instead.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      taking the fall

      I would say he is. I used Ubuntu as my primary home OS for several years and have moved to Linux Mint.

    3. llewton


      nonsense. it's offensive to say that was his idea or that he's in any way responsible. he seems like an intelligent bloke.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "Chief Technology Officer"

        May well not be compatible with not being in any way responsible for the interface change

  2. soaklord

    The title is silly, and must contain useless information.

    I have expected to come into the comments and see them along the lines of:

    "Good riddance. Linux with a GUI is bloated and the fact that it comes precompiled shows that Linux is going the way of (insert either hated mainstream OS here."

    1. Tom 38 Silver badge
      Thumb Down


      So there is no way to say 'Unity is shite' without being called a Luddite? Good to know.

      Linux has a long history of going about things in a half-assed fashion and eventually getting it right*. There's no problem with slating Unity whilst it is still shite, that's how it stops being shite.

      * For instance, handling hardware. Linux tried devd, hald, DeviceKit and now the blessed HAL is udev. All change please!

  3. Turtle

    Not altogether clear.

    "the time is right for me to move on from this role, where I enjoy so much support from my colleagues, and take a risk on something new."

    Is he saying that he wants a job where his colleagues hate him and actively sabotage his work?

  4. MgrBloodBath

    Along with everyone else.

    Matt Zimmerman is bailing along with the users? I really liked Ubuntu and have used it for years.

    But to redo the user interface for no apparent reason? WTF? I like my OS to do two things run bug free and not rearrange every thing so I have more time for other things. Like use my applications.

    I'm going to give Debian with KDE another try now or switch back to windows. I'm not looking forward to teaching my Parents how to use KDE and how Gnome attempted to reinvented the wheel.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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