back to article Skype mulls going online with offline Facebook, Google contacts

Facebook has reportedly been in talks with Skype, and the company's boss Mark Zuckerberg is said to have mulled over buying the web video chat service. According to Reuters, which cites various sources familiar with the matter, Facebook isn't the only big gun tech outfit sniffing around Skype. Google is also understood to …


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  1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    Now I have to find a new VoIP provider..

    Skype was quite OK, but there is no way I will allow Farcebook to leech my contacts and to register who I talk to. Where Skype does a reasonable job, Zuckerberg's club has yet to understand the concept security and confidentiality and in this case it's about real money and credit card details (people having Skype subscriptions).

    My credit card data and money in general is to stay as far away from Facebook if possible, so a merger will mean the search for a new provider.

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