back to article Samsung quietly lowers tablet graphics chip spec

Samsung has annoyed buyers of the Wi-Fi-only version of its 7in Galaxy Tab Android tablet by equipping the gadget with seemingly lesser chippery than the 3G model. The Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi - aka the P-1010; the original is the P-1000 - also comes with Bluetooth 2.1 while the 3G-enabled Tab comes with Bluetooth 3.0, but since that' …


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  1. Code Monkey

    Interesting market

    The success of the iPad had made this an interesting market. For the majority of *Pad buyers (Apple-phobes aside), Android offerings need iPad-like performance for less or cost signifiantly less to have a chance. Expect a lot more vague claims about performance and read the reviews carefully.

    Me? I'm just glad I'm not an early adopter!

    1. Geoff Campbell

      Why do you say that?

      Is it actually the case? My experience is that some buyers will buy Apple no matter what, but others will buy whatever does the job for them, and don't have a bias towards Apple gear if the price/performance curves are approximately equal.

      Of course, Apple do have a formidable marketing machine to persuade floating purchasers, but I'm not sure that carries the weight you seem to ascribe to it. Still, we will see in time, I guess.

      Personally, I'm enjoying being an early adopter, but then I like a little chaos in my life :-)


      1. Code Monkey

        Why I say that

        It's true there are users who'll buy Apple no matter what and those that buy what works. I'd say they are the two extremes in this market. In between are the majority of folks who assume a tablet computer is called an "iPad", an MP3 player is called an "iPod" and assume other devices in those categories are knock-offs. Hence my saying they need to be better or cheaper than Apple (ideally both)

  2. Wang N Staines


    But some of those Android tablets cost more than the iPad.

    So cutting corners doesn't seem to significantly reduces the cost.

    1. Geoff Campbell

      Like for like?

      Remember that Apple charge extra for 3G, that they don't have expandable memory, and that the higher memory versions cost more. I don't recall any Android tablet actually costing more than the equivalent iPad, as opposed to the non-expandable, non-3G entry spec iPad.

      My knowledge is not exhaustive, however, are there any examples you know of?


    2. Ammaross Danan

      True Costs

      "But some of those Android tablets cost more than the iPad.

      So cutting corners doesn't seem to significantly reduces the cost."

      Don't forget also that Android tabs can do a significant bit more than a stock iPad2, without having to buy dongles. HDMI out and an SD card, to name two. Both dongles are fairly pricey for the iPad2. HDMI out I can see leaving off a tab in most uses, but the SD card is almost a necessity for content consumption (my music collection alone could easily fill an iPad2).

      So, what is the cost of that ultra-cheap $500 iPad2 after the adapters, i*branded attachments, etc? Yes, the Galaxy Tab 7" is way overpriced, as is the Xoom for the most part. We'll see what Samsung delivers with their 8.9" and 10.1" models.

  3. Jorge Lopez

    Samsung really blows...

    I am not a fan of Android but I am even less of a fan of Samsung. I know you have to look at the whole picture but Samsung really does drag down the platform. Their phones were released with major bugs and promises of fixes that never surfaced.

    This is just more reason why I would not buy a Galaxy anything.

    I will stick to my iPad. I hope people who absolutely won't buy an Apple product don't buy a Samsung. They are just horrible.

    1. Geoff Campbell


      I've got four Galaxy devices, and they all work perfectly. The new Galaxy S2 is a thing of real beauty, in fact.

      Perhaps you're not holding them right?


    2. StuCom
      Paris Hilton

      They all have their good and bad sides

      Yes, when it first came out the Samsung Galaxy S' UI was a little bit laggy and GPS was iffy. But Samsung have supported it and continue to bring out updates (gingerbread 2.3.3 is coming v.soon).

      With Android 2.2.1 all my Galaxy S niggles went away; it's a superb phone. Fast, easy to use and does much more than a stock apple iPhone.

      The 3G Galaxy Tab has been problem free (so far - only had it for 3 weeks).

      But I hear Apple, HTC, Sony and Motorola users griping, too, about bugs and updates. Nobody has the perfect phone with faultless support. It's a fact of life unfortunately.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I am waiting for

    The new Archos with Honeycomb on it. If it seems ok, and the price is good then its in the bag for me.

  5. Stuart Combellack

    Don't buy the Wifi!

    .. Just buy the 3G one instead for the same price!

    O2 sell the 3G version for £299.

    The Wifi version is £299. No brainer!

    Better still, pop into PC world and price match against O2 getting an extra tenner off in the bargain.

    At £289 the 3G Galaxy Tab has to be the best value tablet in the UK at the moment.

  6. rtfm1777

    Hey! Thats my GTWiFi on the right!

    Jeesum! It's still jarring to see how viral the interwebs really is/are for an old analog codger like me. I snapped the pic here in my office a few days ago and now the world is looking at it.

    So Samsung screwed us techies who really care about this stuff. Oh well, that's what we get for believing everything we google. Not that the GTWiFi is a bad piece of plastic. I actually really like it. For my modest needs (internet radio, ebook reading, the occasional youtube video and quick wikipedia look-ups) I couldn't be happier. And I'll be rooting it as soon as I learn what that's all about. Overpriced and underspeced? I guess. But until the 4G towers start popping up out here in the boondocks, its wi-fi or no-fi for us.

  7. JB

    Title goes here

    Perhaps I'm jst being cynical, but could it be that you get a better spec'd pad if you go for the 3G, paying a monthly data charge, etc, and incentive to tie yourself into a data contract? Just wondered.

    1. rtfm1777

      I Would If I Could

      I can get a 3G signal on my old Tracfone if I go upstairs in the hallway, stand on one foot, put the phone up by the ceiling and hold it in exactly the right position. I get 2 bars that way. The digital divide isn't just for the developing world. There are rural parts of north america where we are still waiting for the information highway to run us over. They keep promising us the future is coming in "2 years". So, while I patiently wait for the future to arrive, I'm happy with my new GTWiFi toy. Annoyed with Samsung for the chip swap, but happy with the box.

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