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By buying Engenio, NetApp gets engineers working with Permabit's Albireo deduplication technology to increase the effective capacity of Engenio's arrays. Trouble is it looks better than NetApp's in-house A-SIS dedupe. Oops. What does NetApp do now? A-SIS works with Data ONTAP, the software driving NetApp's FAS arrays, and is …


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  1. MarkGalpin

    It's all about the File System

    Chris, your statement about DXi is absolutely correct, this is an appliance designed for Target Based Inline Deduplication. However perhaps you are missing the most important fact.

    The file system that sits below every DXi is StorNext. A file system that is absolutely designed for Primary Storage, in fact you could argue that only with StorNext are some high performance environments able to function.

    Now I wonder who signed an agreement with Quantum a few weeks ago to sell Stornext?...would that be NetApp?

  2. JL 1

    no global de-dupe...

    ASIS (which ain't ASIS any more... it's just NetApp De-Dupe) does not support global de-dupe, i.e. it does not de-dupe across arrays. So, I don't see any issue around the 'two pools of de-dupe' area between the legacy NTAP pools and the new Engenio pools. It is also suitable for all but the highest workloads and is well proven - it is one of the gems of WAFL. I expect introducing another de-dupe product into WAFL would be very disruptive and time consuming. Net, I expect them to leave de-dupe alone, perhaps just pinching some ideas from Albireo. A full replacement? I doubt it.

    My bet is that they'll allow both to run in parallel for the time being. No big deal.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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