back to article .NET Android and iOS clones stripped by Attachmate

The fate of an open-source version of Microsoft's .NET running on iOS and Android is unclear after Novell's new owner Attachmate laid off members of the project, according to reports. Attachmate has let go of US staff working on the Novell-sponsored Mono Project as part of a move centering on Novell's Linux-related efforts …


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  1. dogged


    That's really shitty news.

    1. dogged

      I'm not in the habit of replying to myself but the downvotes are interesting.

      I mean, is the the premise? Should I assume that those downvoters feel that on the contrary, it's bloody brilliant news that some great OSS coders are out on their ear and that open source alternatives designed to make the move easier for MS shops will be discontinued?

      Was it the title? Did the feminists get me?

      Mysteries, mysteries.

  2. Fuzz


    last time I checked silverlight is cross platform, it runs on OSX as well as Windows. Moonlight is just for linux

  3. Jason 6

    OK... far from me to stick up for MS here but...

    Silverlight DOES run on a Mac, as I use it to watch Netflix. So there!

    In other news, I never understood the business logic behind Mono and Moonlight. It was never, ever, going to generate any revenue and never got any traction in business. It always seemed to be a "pet" project that was funded for no good reason.

    Not to pour any scorn on the abilities of the guys that worked on it, but from a business perspective it made zero sense.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Freetards Rejoice!!!

    All that bitching and moaning about Ubuntu and other distros bloating themselves out on Mono.

    Now you can put all that to bed and go back to your slimmer distro's without MS inspired APIs

    That is all!

    1. Big-nosed Pengie
      Thumb Up

      freetards rejoice

      I do!

  5. This post has been deleted by a moderator

    1. dogged
      Dead Vulture


      I see the Register continues to serve society by allowing the mentally ill to let it all out somewhere safe.

  6. Renegade


    That just sucks. I've been rooting for Mono for years now, and really don't want to abandon it. :(

    Sigh... No good deed goes unpunished.

  7. Doug 3

    Miguel finally getting his job at Microsoft

    no doubt he'll try once again to get a job at the company he loves so much. As for Mono and Moolight, good riddens and if Microsoft wants Linux support then they should pay for it and keep it locked in parity with their Windows version or not at all. not at all it is.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Couple things to point out

    MonoDroid is not and never was open source, ditto for the iOS version. From the front page of the monodroid site, hence the dead reg icon:

    "Welcome to the MonoDroid Preview launch.

    This is a beta of MonoDroid. MonoDroid is a commercial product, licensed in a similar way to MonoTouch, it is not an open source project." [1]


    Moonlight is an implementation of old silverlight APIs only after a new API is released. As such, there is very little silverlight content that actually works on monolight making it quite pointless indeed.

    Anything I have to say about Mr de Icaza would be slander so I won't say anything. Would not characterise him as a 'famous open sourcer' tho, certainly not.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Or maybe

    They are just moving operations to Europe where they have to be less impaired by an overly zealous US patent system?

  10. TriSys

    Mono Rumours

    I suggest that the rumours of Mono's demise are not true.

    Miguel de Icaza is a serial tweeter and nothing from him about this.

  11. SoundLogic


    I agree that these are mainly rumors. It was my understanding that Miguel was already at Microsoft? Not sure? But as TriSys notes, Miguel certainly has been tweeting a whole bunch lately after a lot of silence. Who knows what significance actions at Attachmate have, if any - maybe those were people who were on the Mono project but aren't anymore if Microsoft owns the patents? Moonlight is already in Preview 4...I can see that project getting scrapped in favor or Silverlight 5 which has PInvoke thus allowing you to use it as an OS including on ARM devices.

  12. robsoft

    Mono not *just* Linux and Mac

    It runs on Windows too. It's genuinely a cross-platform development tool, enabling you to use C# (and large elements of the .Net framewoek) on all three platforms. People seem to keep overlooking that it runs on Windows - you do have a choice other than MS for C# on Windows.

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