back to article HP to show off next gen EVA on the Vegas Strip

EVA lives on: fulfilling promises made at 3PAR acquisition time, HP has confirmed a next-generation EVA array is coming, with an early access program available and more details due at its Las Vegas HP Discover event in June. The EVA is HP's mainstream enterprise block access storage array, with around 100,000 deployed in …


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  1. Tom Maddox Silver badge

    Hmm . . .

    And here I was thinking it might be some kind of giant robot piloted by a whiny kid.

    Right, I'm going, I'm going . . .

  2. alwarming
    Thumb Up

    3par sits between EVA & XP ?

    2.5billion dollar acquisition to fill an arguably non-existent gap ? How does th story translate so far:

    Daddy Mark Hurd got the case of blue balls & got fired. Meanwhile son-in-law (the new guy at the head of enterprise products) became a CEO candidate - no one wanted to cross him. So he just went out a bought a porche to park in the driveway so that no one looks at the luser across the street (DELL). A year down the line, Porche is being used haul grocery coz mom uses the van for daily errands and the new daddy likes the SUV for weekends. Err... doesn't translate that well then. But you get the Porche point, right ?

    1. rch


      "2.5billion dollar acquisition to fill an arguably non-existent gap ?"

      What? The gap between EVA and the OEMed HDS USP/VSP is huge. In fact I would guess most mid-range systems from other vendors would fit right in there. With room to spare.

      EVA is an entry level system, with entry level reliability, entry level performance and entry level functionality. It is cheap and you get what you pay for.

      1. alwarming
        Paris Hilton

        re: eva

        If EVA is entry level, what is MSA (P2000) ?

        Anyway, personally, I think while it's fine to keep all 4 and let the market decide, but having a 2.5 billion$ investment and call it 2nd tier is foolish (your margins are highest on the top tier, that's where you expensively R&D'd products belong).. It should be polished and replace the top tier, if

        it can't already.

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