back to article Pure Storage to dethrone 'evil' hard disk

The problems with networked storage is the hard drive. It's evil – nothing can be done to fix its primary latency and seek problems except by giving up on them and going flash. That's Pure Storage's preferred option, and it's betting the farm on it. The company is a stealth-mode startup with impressive credentials and a simple …


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  1. ScissorHands


    long live the NEW flash!

  2. Scott L. Burson

    "The company is a stealth-mode startup"

    Um, I think once el Reg is writing about you, you're not in stealth mode anymore.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...and still leaves them with £24,990,000 to spend.

    Seriously. News?

  4. Dave Rickmers

    I'm still filling my first 160 GB drive

    My (admittedly limited) experience with SSD is that they read faster, but write more slowly. The whirling platter magnetic storage devices are still my preferred choice for fixed location desktop computing. I have a couple netbooks with the squealing flash (yes it makes noise).

    Puppy Linux is all I can afford

    1. James Hughes 1

      You are going to have to explain

      Because I fail to see how a device with no moving parts can make any noise whatsoever.

      1. pixl97

        Because electricity is completely silent.

        Oh wait, it's not. All kinds of non-moving devices have issues with resonance, some of the time it's not a good thing, something has gone out of spec or wasn't engineered correctly in the first place.

  5. Psymon

    @James Hughes

    I can see how that can be confusing, but if you've ever stood beneath a power pylon on a still day, you can very clearly hear the distinctive 50hz hum coming from the cables, yet they too have no moving parts.

    I believe this comes from electromagnetic resonance. I have also heard IC chips that produce a high pitched whistle.

    When I was younger, I used to be able to hear the extremely high pitched whine from cathode ray tubes... from outside the house! This freakish TV detector ability used to fascinate my schoolfriends

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