back to article PayPal pushes eBay earnings

eBay is celebrating a 20 per cent jump in profits in the last quarter, thanks mainly to its payment system PayPal. The online tat bazaar grew net revenues in the first quarter of 2011 to $2.5bn, up 16 per cent and net income was up 20 per cent to £398m. eBay's chief executive John Donahoe said 2011 was off to a strong start …


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  1. mark l 2 Silver badge

    forced to use paypal

    Its not suprising they are making more money from paypal as you are pretty much forced to use paypal when you list something on ebay, If you put in your listing that you even offer rival payment services such as google checkout as a way to pay your listing will get flagged.

    If you try selling low value items (£2 or under) by the time you have taken in ebays listing fee, final value fee and paypal fees there is hardly anything left in profit.

    I've tried listing on rival services such as ebid but there just arent enough people using them at the moment to make any decent money from sale on there. It needs a Microsoft, Apple or Google with deep pocket to buy one of the rival services and spend money on marketing to get more people visiting them

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    double dipping

    forcing the use of paypal and charging fees for both = profit

  3. Elmer Phud

    Standard form?

    Many retail stores also offer financial services they also make money out of, should we begin moaning about them as well?

  4. AdamWill

    not surprised

    apparently, if you sell something on ebay and the buyer specifically requests the cheapest form of postage, which takes forever and has no tracking, then complains that the item hasn't arrived, paypal considers you entirely evil and responsible and steals the money back from your account - even if that means putting it into a negative balance. even if you've never had any kind of negative feedback as a seller before.

    that sure is a good way to make a the _short_ term.

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