back to article Friendster wipes data slate clean

Social networking pioneer Friendster has been suspiciously quiet since being acquired by Malaysia's MOL Global in 2009 for around US$40 million, but users will at least be paying attention on May 31 when their data will be erased. The site, which launched in 2002 and was hot in Asia until Facebook stole its thunder, has told …


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    1. Graham Marsden
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      "it will be wiping all existing data on user profiles...

      "...including photos, posts, and rants."

      Wow! So if you were on Friendster and you posted something you later regret, it *will* actually disappear from the Interwebs instead of being there in perpetuity as per the policy of certain other social networking sites...!

      (Deleted and reposted for an egregious typo of "their" instead of "there"!)

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  3. Lamont Cranston
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    "leverage on your online activities"

    Oh, bugger off.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Now is a good time

    to just delete that old account.

  5. dssf

    Maybe this will be Malaysia's version of...

    South Koreas Cyworld....

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