back to article CenturyLink borgs Savvis for $3.2bn

CenturyLink, which only a few years back was a rural telephone service provider, is now one of the major players in cloud computing thanks to its $3.2bn acquisition of Savvis. The company, which was formerly known as CenturyTel, hails from Louisiana and has expanded its network through the $11.6bn acquisition of Embarq, the …


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  1. theSensibleGeek

    Pedant Alert!

    How can global fiber be less than national fiber? Last I checked, the nation was on the globe. Perhaps the verbiage should be changed to "The combined CenturyLink networks now span 207,000 miles of fiber nationally and 190,000 miles **abroad**."

  2. -tim

    Will the new CEO style mirror Savvis?

    Does this mean the CEO of the combined company can drop a cool 1/4 million on lap dance like McCormick did?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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