back to article Three adds iPhone 4 to unlimited data package

Network operator Three has added the iPhone 4 to the list of pay-as-you-go smartphones it offers with "all-you-can-eat" mobile broadband. Three will sell you a 16GB iPhone 4 for £500, or a 32GB model for £600 - both a tenner or so less than Apple charges. You'll have to add £15 to that for the airtime: 300 minutes of calls, …


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  1. Fuzz

    Is the phone locked?

    If the phone is locked then no point buying it from three, just pay the extra tenner and get it from Apple.

    Then stick a giffgaff sim in and top up £10 for 250 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data and unlimited on net calls.

    1. Peter 66


      Is giffgaff data still unlimited?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Giff Giff is still running on O2

        Some friends and I ran a speedtest app on different networks in the middle of Glasgow at about 3pm today. 3 got 3074 Kbps downstream, Orange 2543 Kbps, Voda 1879 Kbps and O2... well O2 got 274Kbps.

        Giff Gaff may be "unlimited" in data volume but as long as they're running on O2's shoddy infrastructure they will always be a joke of a network aimed at muppets who focus on price and not value.

  2. dracnoc

    Perfect combo!

    With the iPhone's infamous location data "feature", you can build up an exact map of where you are not going to get reception with 3.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Perfect combo

      Which will also give you a map of the other operator black spots. Three seem to gave the best coverage in my experience.

    2. Jason Hall


      As far as I'm concerned, 3 has much better signal strength pretty much anywhere I go around me - far far better than fecking useless orange.

      1. dracnoc

        around these parts...

        ... the only place 3 have reception is IN the fancy shop they have in the middle of town. It's easy to spot, it's the only shop with no customers in it.

        1. Michael Jennings

          Which parts?

          So you don't have a Sony Style store then?

  3. Bill Cumming
    Thumb Down


    ... is unlimited till you hit the +20Gb mark a month, then they restrict you...

    that's if you can get +20Gb (O2's networks been terrible lately)

    Lot's of complaints about slow / non-existent speeds.

    whereas 3's AYCE people have been hitting +40Gb with no complaints from 3...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Unlimited Data with 3 unless ....

    ... they decide otherwise, as per the 18 page T &C's neatly printed in 2 point type and fitted into 2 A4 pages.

    - If they consider you data usage to be "non-personal" (the term is helpfully left undefined in their 18 pages of T&C's) then they can whack you for 10p per Megabyte.

    1. John H Woods Silver badge

      Pay as you go!

      The best they can do then is terminate your unlimited data before the 30 days you paid for. They don't even know my name and address (cell triangulation excluded), so they'll have a hard time hitting me with a bill I don't expect.

      Having said that I've had 5GB off them in 2 weeks, never less than 2Mb/s on speed test. I've been using my phone as a portable internet radio streaming device all round here (Stratford-upon-Avon area) with no problems. Best 2 things I've done recently (1) superCID my (Orange) Desire HD and (2) got a 3 payg sim.

  5. Alex Walsh


    It's still £1.84 a meg if you go abroad though :(

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