back to article Oracle chief bean-counter mysteriously quits database giant

Software maker Oracle has let go of its chief finance officer, Jeff Epstein, without revealing why the exec had resigned from the company. He has been replaced by the firm's current president Safra Catz. Epstein, who had reported to Catz during his tenure, only joined Oracle in September 2008. The company confirmed Epstein's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    too clean?

    maybe he refused to follow standard Oracle exec practice and have affairs with his staff? If so perhaps he'll turn up at HP!

    1. The Cube
      Jobs Halo

      Perhaps he has discovered ethics

      And just can't bring himself to carry on working for Larry Evil any longer?

  2. Kleykenb

    hardware company

    Oracle isn't just a software company anymore.

    Strange as it still may feel they actually sell servers , storage and other hardware.

    May want to catch up on that.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      egos need bruising!

      Hey this is el reg where HP are regularly referred to as "makers of expensive printer ink", actually calling Oracle a software company is pretty polite!

      Maybe a better opening would be:

      Oracle (1960s style IBM monopoly wannabe)...

  3. Ancient Oracle funkie


    ... he refused to approve one of Mark Hurd's claims

  4. Smoking Man
    Big Brother

    Somebodie's working behind the scenes

    Marky Mark Hurd. For sure. Wants to succeed Larry as CEO of Oracle. His ego demands for that.

    Prerequisites: Get rid of three persons:

    - Charles Phillpis: Check.

    - Safra Catz: Ongoing; stage 1: finished.

    - Larry: He doesn't know yet, but he'll quit and hand his job over "to me on his free will." Ongoing.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    re: Somebodie's working behind the scenes

    "- Safra Catz: Ongoing; stage 1: finished."

    Safra is ten times the man that Mark is. She'll kick his ass to the curb if he even tries anything with her.

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