back to article App-stores-in-the-enterprise kit spans Apple iOS and Android

AppCentral – a startup based in San Francisco – has released a new incarnation of its platform for operating private mobile app stores within the enterprise. Version 2.0 of the platform can be used with both Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Apple and Steve Jobs forbid iPhone and iPad users from purchasing, downloading, or …


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  1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    I hope they add Blackberry support

    Most of the people I know in industry either use Blackberries or iPhone, so if they can add BB to their platform it would be *very* interesting. The price is so affordable it would be silly not to manage things this way..

  2. flexengineer

    Apple's anti competitive abuses

    It is also important to raise awareness regarding Apple's scams and abuses related to mobile application and digital entertainment markets, their strategy to destroy the web by kicking users out of the web into Apple's walled garden taxed at 30% is outrageous! Apple's ban of Flash is not acceptable, turning consumers and developers into collateral damages in a corporate war is not acceptable! Join the fight and follow me on Twitter "flexengineer".

This topic is closed for new posts.

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