back to article Stingy Uncle Sam dumps a Q1 loss on Unisys

Uncle Sam slapped Unisys around during the server and service provider's first fiscal quarter of 2011. The delay by Congress and President Obama in delivering a Federal budget and a lost contract with the Transportation Security Agency combined to subtract around $50m from the company's books, yielding a loss of $39.4m – …


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  1. Mike Henderson

    "Transportation Security Association"

    I always though the TSA was the Transportation Security Agency, but what would an ignorant colonial know about it?


  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    How odd

    I was sure the outfit that supplies all those Weathergirls lookalikes in uniform was called the Transport Security Administration, as it's a *direct* part of the government (like the 2nd A in NASA or NOAA)

    Could I have been mistaken all these years.

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