back to article Son of AV tycoon rescued following 'stupid' kidnapping

The kidnapped son of Kaspersky Lab's CEO was freed over the weekend following blunders by his captors that led to the arrest of five people accused of abducting him and charging €​3 million in ransom. Russian authorities freed 20-year-old Ivan Kaspersky after storming the Moscow home where he was being held, The Moscow Times …


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  1. pcsupport


    It's a sauna, not a bath :P

    The kidnappers aren't the brightest pennies in the piggy bank!

  2. Lord Lien
    Thumb Up

    Glad he was found...

    ... safe & well. These things don't sometimes turn out so well.

  3. Major Variola

    Ransom paid, not to kidnappers

    Quite obviously, K paid a good fraction (perhaps over 100%?) to the KGB

    to recover his son and toast the kidnappers.

    Good for him. His products are OK, and his hanging the kidnappers, excellent.

  4. Chris Hatfield


    I'm so pleased he's okay. When I first heard about the kidnapping, I feared the worst.

  5. shayneoneill

    Was going to end up bad for the kidnappers either way.

    At the highest levels theres quite a few connections between the IT security and Physical security world, including Mercenary companies. Tangling with the family of a billionaire in that industry could be very damn life shortening.

    These kidnappers are lucky the cops got them first, cos there was probably a damn good chance the next move involved a group of heavily armed former Spetsnaz commandos kicking the door in and filling the kidnappers with lead.

  6. serviceWithASmile

    in soviet russia

    hostage kidnap YOU!

    i'm getting my coat...

  7. Anonymous Coward

    More worrying

    >stopped them on the pretext of a routine document check

    Document checks are routine in a part of the world considered by many to be 'developed'?

    1. TomCat1346
      Big Brother


      This IS Russia, after all. Old habits die hard.

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