back to article Nokia market share dips below 30% in Q1

Nokia's global mobile phone market share significantly fell below 30 per cent for the first time in 10 years during the company's first quarter, when it announced a new pact with Microsoft. The company, which today signed a definitive agreement with MS to build several Nokia Windows phones together, posted better than expected …


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  1. Martin 72

    Clarification needed

    "However, pre-tax profit dropped from €411m to $403m"

    $602m to $403m? Or has there been a bit of a mix up.

  2. NoneSuch Silver badge

    The only time Microsoft signs a deal

    It is to benefit Microsoft and they do not give a tinkers cuss about the viability of the other company being affected as a result of it.

    The only people they are responsible too are their shareholders and Nokia shareholders and execs are experiencing that roller coaster wobbly tummy feeling right about now.

    I vacated my stock position in Nokia many moons ago and avoided this mess.

    1. Ilgaz

      doesn't Finland have secret service?

      Some Canadian guy comes and hands over the largest Finland company to Americans.

      Of course I am not talking about some James Bond movie stuff, some press leaks could be fine. I am sure there is a huge scandal there we don't know about, if I was a major Nokia shareholder, I would start with basic flaws in Symbian which looks like being planted on purpose.

      Soccer fans must know one of the most disgusting tricks that can't be proven. If all team hates manager, to get rid of him, they suck in matches until the boss changes manager. Once he is gone, they start to get miracle results.

      Now, how to prove such a thing?

  3. mraak

    I told them few months back

    I told Nokia through some comment on some blog that if they appoint me as their Supreme Ruler and the Emperor of Everything in Nokia Land, I guarantee that results will not be any worse than of whatever alternative they're planning. I haven't heard from them yet, but offer still stands, so if you happen to know somebody at Nokia let them know they still have a chance. I'm expecting a salary of £240.000, penthouse with all expenses paid, and unlimited budget for whatever ideas come across my mind. Oh yeah, and an iPhone.

  4. PaulR79

    Great, more Symbian phones! /sarcasm

    The last device, the slider with keyboard and touchscreen (E7) looked ok but from reviews and reports I've seen it seems very much like a case of the same problems that have been slowly killing Nokia for years: decent hardware, seriously underperforming software / interface.

    I struggled when looking for a replacement for my aging N95 and ended up settling for the T-Mobile G1. It wasn't the greatest phone and the interface was pretty clunky during the early days but each update showed that it was going in the right direction. Nokia, on the other hand, were going in the opposite direction by trying to adapt Symbian. It might have worked had they done it far faster or gone with Maemo. Even Microsoft saw that trying to update WinMo 6.5 was a mistake and started fresh with WinPho 7.

    How the market leader can fail so badly can only be down to massive mistakes with little / no direction from the people in charge. The E7 also has what looks to be a major flaw with the poor responsiveness at times making it dangerous if you ever need it in an emergency where every second counts. That's ignoring the fact that Nokia will stop developing Symbian as soon as they reasonably can so you're paying for phones that will lack updates for security flaws that may appear. If the devices allowed alternate OS installs, such as Android, they may have more appeal.

  5. Doug 3

    influx of MS cash will only hold them up for so long

    Microsoft is betting that it'll hold up long enough to get Windows Phone 7or 8 into a still robust Nokia distribution channel. Now I wonder if Elop and pals will be forth coming in their public statements of how their channel partnership numbers pan out over the next couple of years.

    grenade because this is highly likely to blow up in their faces because they pulled the pin long ago and the WP7 deal sped up the clock.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    If this is bad,

    just wait until the world will realize they've signed a deal with Microsoft.

  7. Andus McCoatover

    Don'cha just luuuve...

    YLE News' headline photo. for Nokia? YLE being the Finnish state newsbroadcaster...Shows how pissed-off Finns are. Now, if they'd embellished the footprint with a maple leaf....

  8. ScottME
    Gates Horns

    So long Nokia, it was good knowing you

    It's sad that it has to end like this. Nokia got so much right in its time, but in the end it failed to keep innovating. Still, it's disappointing to see it ending up in thrall to Microsoft, which in its turn is sitting on the biggest cash cow in the industry and desperately casting around for something, anything, to extend its franchise. No doubt in time MS too will go the way of Nokia.

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