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Parkouring across the backs of galloping horses; fighting while cascading down a majestic waterfall; evading a ball-and-chain attack before using the weapon’s momentum to swing to safety. What do these things have in common? Simply that they’re all shown in Dynasty Warrior 7’s rather epic FMV intro and they’re all acts you’ll …


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  1. Filippo Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    I'm a fan...

    ...and even I am not going to buy this. The first DW on next-gen consoles had only marginally better graphics than the PS2 version, and less missions. It also had a pitiful view distance and number of on-screen enemies. This got even worse, to the point of being nearly unplayable due to inability to figure out what was going on around you, if you played split-screen coop. This when at roughly the same time on the same platform we had Heavenly Sword and its countless legions of enemies, stretching for what looked like miles. Burn me once, shame on me - not going to get burned twice.

    As I find myself saying all too frequently these days: if you can't do graphics, do gameplay; if you can't do gameplay, do graphics; if you can do neither graphics nor gameplay, do another freakin' job.

  2. maclovinz

    I mean, no offense....

    But, when was the last time you saw an intro video to a game that showed you ACTUAL game footage/activities you can do....

    If a Deathwing attack actually LOOKED like it does in the intro vid to WoW's Cataclysm, I MAY actually be terrified....but it doesn't.

    So, one needs to think of these ads as just that, ads that are made to mind-fuck people into paying for said product.

    Ah well, sigh.


    1. serviceWithASmile

      re: ingame trailers

      while your example is correct, i've noticed that trailers featuring in-game graphics or even gameplay are getting much more common - ala cod modernwankery2 and blackops etc.

      the concept of a very flash looking prerendered trailer or intro movie is fast being replaced by ingame examples, due in no small part to the rapidly improving in game graphics.

      10 years ago an FMV was needed for people to drop their jaws, nowadays just look at the frostbite2 engine gameplay trailers for battlefield3, or gameplay footage of crysis2, both of those can acheive the same effect using only what the game is built from already.

      OT: the game looks bad. :(

    2. Goat Jam


      It's been a long time since I was a hardcore gamer but Crysis springs to mind. That's on PC tho, maybe the fib factor is higher on teh consoles?

  3. jai

    such a shame

    the original game was so much fun and different when it came out

    shame to see the franchise has become just another typical uninnovative franchise :(

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