back to article Angry Birds hatches a plan for Easter

As you tire of gorging on Cadbury's creme eggs while waiting for the new Doctor Who to come on, why not turn your attention to Angry Birds this Easter - back again with yet another Seasons update. Easter Eggs for Angry Birds features 15 spring-themed levels, where the pigs wear bunny ears and there's plenty of golden eggs to …


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  1. Him over there

    Overkill reporting

    Angry Birds is a bit of fun and all that but so what? Why have I read about this release on almost every tech site I read when those sites largely ignore games in general? These Rovio guys sure know how to manipulate the media!

    1. bluesxman

      RE: Overkill reporting

      Lots of people play it, many of whom will read about it, thus advertising revenues will (hopefully) increase off the back of articles about it.

      By your own admission "I [have] read about this release on almost every tech site" -- so you're halfway there, all they need from you now is to click through an advert and its mission accomplished.

      You didn't think that news articles were solely for the benefit of the reader, did you?

    2. Matthew Smith


      There was another Angry Birds newsstory on The Reg yesterday. What is so special about it? Meanwhile Minecraft 1.5 and Portal 2.0 were released yesterday, surely far more important events if The Reg wants to report Game news.

    3. DrXym Silver badge

      Overkill for several reasons

      a) Angry Birds Seasons is getting an update for every notable holiday. It's had 5 already so one more is a surprise to no one.

      b) People who have the app were told 2 days ago when the update happened.

  2. Tom 15


    Point 1. Angry Birds is one of the biggest selling games of all time. Albeit it's reasonably cheap but it's sold more copies than all of the Call of Duty's together.

    Point 2. The new Doctor Who isn't an Easter special. It's the beginning of a new series.

  3. Patrick O'Reilly

    What about "Go Green, Get Lucky"?

    It's the 5th update to Angry Bird's seasons, the 4th was in time for St.Patricks Day

  4. djswivel
    Thumb Up

    @Him Over There

    It's not a case of manipulating the media, it having a fun game with a huge amount of free updates.

    Very few companies have this and as such Rovio receives some attention.

    Same as the new Alice coming out on consoles, the original game is provided via download code to those who by the sequel. As such, more people will buy and generate more publicity.

    Good idea in my opinion.

    And yes, I enjoy Angry Birds and have all of the games on my iPhone.

  5. Tim Walker

    And not forgetting...

    ...£1.50 in the Ovi Store for all us "new Nokia" owners (and a free update via AB Seasons' menu screen if you've already coughed up for the game).

    In fact, Symbian was the first platform to get the Easter update for ABS - almost a week before iOS and Android...

  6. g e

    Free on Android?

    Quality result!

    It seems Rovio are well aware that iThing users are all too happy to compulsively throw money around, fair play to them.

  7. thecresta

    All this 15 levels and bunny ears?

    Gaming event of the month!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fifth "Seasons" title?

    What ever happened to the term "Expansion pack"?

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