back to article Apple-branded unicorn spotted at 3

It's breeding season for white iPhone 4s, with the fabled unicorn of the smartphone world suddenly proliferating across UK providers. The latest spotting of the mythical phone by came at Three UK's site. The operator is offering both 16GB and 32GB versions across its plans. The phone itself starts at a lightly …


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  1. Piloti
    Thumb Down

    Bloody Hell......

    Huge amounts of money for something that is, essentially, not very good at being a mobile 'phone.

    £900 plus or minus a tad depending on the tariff and the upfront cost.

    And Apple still think you are only renting.

    Really, only an idiot would even think about it......

    1. Tom 38

      @Piloti - troll much?

      The £900 figure comes from expansys, who do like to rip people off by getting them to buy up front for phones they don't have. The white iphone will almost certainly cost the same as a regular iphone, which is £510/£612 for 16GB/32GB.

      This compares to top-end Android smartphones, such as £429 for a 16GB Google Nexus-S, or £485 for a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S.

      Whether you want to pay the additional money, or whether that money is well spent, is at the discretion of the purchaser.

      If you have bought into the Apple media hierarchy, it may well be that other smart phone choices are idiotic - can the Galaxy S stream to Apple TV? Can it synch with itunes?

      You may think these questions are ridiculous, but they are the very questions my old man asked me when I suggested upgrading his iphone to an android phone - he wants what he has got, but faster and better looking, and is not interested in learning a new platform. For him, an extra £100 is insignificant compared to it working how he expects.

      Apple prices are from UK apple store, Android prices are from carphone warehouse.

      1. Piloti
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        @Tom 38

        Unless of course you do the mathematics.

        Let me demonstrate :

        £25 x 24 months is £600 /plus/ the £300 'up front" fee is....... er, near as fuck it, £900.

        All the other tariffs, are within this ball park, when compared to your maths of £300 - £400.

        Even if you are correct and suggest £600 , this is still a massive amount of money for what is nothing more than a glorified paperweight.

        Nah, you can shove it where the sun don't shine my smart'phonefile friend. I'll stick with my decent Nokia. Bar far a more useful and well thought out device than the Apple pap, is not locked to any network so will take any sim, has a proper keyboard, excellent speaker 'phone and, more importantly, can multi task.

        Rant over!

        1. Tom 38

          @Piloti - You should be a climate change scientist

          The way you can manipulate numbers like that, its freaky.

          iphone 4 off contract is £510.

          If you deliberately choose a stupid contract, and include the cost of the contract in the phone cost, then yes, it will cost you more than that. The same is true if you buy any phone, even one of your magical nokias.

          If you actually compare like with like, the comparison is different. Eg, on three, their 'one plan' is £25/month SIM only, or £35/month with a subsidised iphone for £69.

          The contract length on both of these contracts is 24 months, making the cost of the phone £309 above the cost of the contract. I'm sure even a nokia has a calculator app, perhaps you should use it before trolling so pathetically.

          Are you in fact super miffed because you spent the same amount of money on a nokia phone + contract, and have to keep justifying to yourself how daft everyone else is?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    I can't wait to get this and wrap it up in my leopad skin cover. This black iphone 4 is sooo last month.

    1. P Zero

      Well played,

      good sir!

  3. Alan Gauton
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    Well, yes, but no


    Once you pick your plan ...

    "White iPhone 4 is currently unavailable for order online or in-store."

    ... Been like that for months.

  4. Tom 38

    This is news?

    It's been there for at least a week, and it's only displayed, it isn't an option to buy. If you click 'select' next to it, you get told "White iPhone 4 is currently unavailable for order online or in-store."

  5. Michael Coulter
    Thumb Up


    Also available from Orange

  6. Dave Gregory


    Does this one have 2 horns, like the vietnamese saola things Lewis just informed us of?

    1. Risky
      Jobs Horns

      I'm afraid

      no but it is expected to cause a very small horn to appear for many iFans.

  7. Tom 38

    Wow, 2 hours after the reg post about it

    And the white iphone is gone from three's store. Guess someone enabled something too soon, and their boss just found out.

  8. TeeCee Gold badge

    White iPhone?

    Does that come with a free copy of the iPhone version of "Duke Nukem Forever" on it?

  9. LuMan

    Can't you just....

    .....get a normal iPhone and paint it white??

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple plays this very nice

    Really. I'm meanwhile convinced they happily hold back the white one just to create some new well-cooked hype at a time when the sales of the iPhone 4 begin to slacken (because the next one is in sight).

    And I have to confess that I quite like the white one, even if I won't buy it.

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