back to article Hunting of incredibly rare two-horned 'unicorns' forbidden

Vietnam is to set up a nature reserve for unfeasibly rare – possibly now extinct – two-horned "unicorns". The rare saola (or 'unicorn') of the Annamite mountains. Credit: Bolikhamxay Provincial Conservation Unit No more unicorn hunting. By order The creature in question is more formally known as the saola. It is informally …


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  1. Anteaus

    Pointing in wrong direction

    A unicorn horn points forward. The myth probably arose from seeing a medieval knight holding his lance such that the point seemed to emerge from the horse's head.

  2. kevin biswas

    If humans stop hunting unicorns...

    how can we harvest their blood to make printer ink ???

  3. ShaggyDoggy

    A unicorn horn points forward

    You've seen one then ?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bicorns surely?

    Duocorns? Polycorns?

  5. The last doughnut

    Barbeque time?

    I say, that does look rather tasty.

  6. Citizen Kaned


    "In some circles the saola is thought to be responsible for Chinese legends regarding the qilin, a fantastical creature equivalent to the unicorn in European lore."

    erm, no. it has 2 FRIKKIN HORNS!!! 2 horned creatures are very rare compared to single horned creatures, especially when we have no record of an actual equine one horned beast.

    1. Dave Gregory

      2 horned creatures are very rare compared to single horned creatures

      Like all the oxen, cattle, deer, elk, moose, goats, sheep and other fantastically rare beings of the world.

      One of us has missed something, I'm sure...

    2. Blake St. Claire

      No citizen

      Nobody said the qilin has a single horn.

      Just that in Chinese mythology it's about as fantastical as the unicorn is in European legend.

      1. Allan George Dyer

        The qilin...

        (also known in Japan, just look at a bottle of Kirin beer), shares other characteristics with the unicorn, such as virtue. But not the number of horns.

        Some say a giraffe brought from Africa to the Emperor's court was identified as a qilin. The qilin dance is less common than the lion dance.

    3. wayne 8

      either zero or infinite

      The rareness of a creature measured against the unicorn's causes an error trap.

      Since no one has produced a physical unicorn the rareness factor of a unicorn is indeterminate.

  7. Lockwood

    Uni corn?

    Surely these are Bicorns.

    I've just realised typing that that a bicorn is something you might buy alongside four candles.

  8. disgruntled yank

    But it looks to me

    more like a four-legged biped.

  9. Muckminded

    Next up, South American centaurs

    Don't look in his bathroom, it's all hay and road apples.

  10. drfreak
    Gates Horns


    are Magically Delicious.

  11. Veldan


    Looks like of like an antelope to me... or at least a cousin.

    1. R J Tysoe


      I wouldn't want to meet your family if that's what your cousin looks like.

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