back to article Seagate sucks up Samsung storage biz

Seagate is taking over Samsung's hard disk operation, in a deal that will give the Korean giant almost 10 per cent of the erstwhile storage market leader. The deal had been expected, with Seagate CEO Stepehn Luczo having already cleared his calendar for a mysterious three-month sojourn in the Far East. The combined business …


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  1. Jon Smit

    Should be the other way around

    Seagate were once the leading hd manufacturers, but in recent years their reliability has dropped to a level that far from getting 4 years life out of their discs, they were failing before they were a year old.

    Whereas, Samsung's discs have proven to be very reliable, I have one which is over 5 years old. Now I'll have to look for another manufacturer as I don't consider anything coming from Seagate as being up to job I expect from hard discs.

    1. Ammaross Danan

      Buy a few now

      Get some F4s while you can, and sit on your hands for 2 years to see if Seagate incorporates Samsung reliability or if Spinpoint drives incorporate Seagate's "quality"... *sigh*

    2. Chris Pollard

      You wont have far to look

      Because Seagate and Western Digital are the only players left in the market.

  2. dogged

    oh, nads.

    My favourite HDD maker sells its business to my least-favourite HDD maker.

    Spinpoints are fantastic. Seagates suck buttock.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "hoping Samsung will lubricate its entry"

    Well I never knew they made that.

  4. The Unexpected Bill

    Nothing against Seagate...

    I just don't like all this consolidation in the storage market. Having a *choice* when it came to buying hard drives was very nice at it seems that there will just be two left standing: WD and Seagate. If I want any more SpinPoint drives, I guess I'd better get them while the getting is good...

    I don't consider Toshiba a serious maker of hard disk drives. So far as I know, they don't make desktop drives and their mobile drives are garbage.

    It comes as a surprise that Seagate does not already have a market in places like China...most, if not all, of their drives are made in China these days.

    1. alwarming
      Paris Hilton

      title deed

      > don't consider Toshiba a serious maker of hard disk drives.

      Nowdays Toshiba is more of an enterprise drive maker, IIUC.

    2. Anonymous Coward


      I've always been a WD fan, but recently I've bought 2 Toshiba 1TB 2.5" StoRe drives and have to say they're fantastic!

  5. alwarming
    Paris Hilton


    What is the WW HDD market size in $ terms (and retail / enterprise split) ?

    And what are the margins like ? I would guess samsung was only in retail

    and not enterprise so probably had lower margins.

  6. Graham Wilson

    Very worrying

    Very worrying.

    In a box under my bench there's dozens of dead Seagate Barracuda drives which have failed because of the 7200.11 firmware fault.

    Most of my new drives are Samsung and they've proved to be very reliable.

    Moreover, now there will be stuff-all competition--up go the prices.

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