back to article Tron: Legacy 3D Blu-ray disc set

The arrival of Tron: Legacy on 3D Blu-ray this week will comes as a blessed relief if you’ve been struggling to find content to play on your new 3D hardware. A year after the launch of 3D Blu-ray, there’s still little more than a trickle of 3D animation aimed at younger film fans available. Finally, here’s a movie you might …


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  1. Jason Hall


    Yes, obviously the story is shite, the acting almost as bad, but it was still a good way to enjoy a couple of hours.

    I saw this in an IMAX cinema and actually felt completely underwhelmed by the 3d. I only noticed it in a couple of places, and once the inevitable headaches started I removed my glasses and could still manage to watch for 5 minutes at a time without anything going blurry.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I saw this at an IMAX and thought the £D was brilliant, as stated, very little jumpy out stuff, just more depth, which is how it should be.

      BTW many people that saw they can't cope with the 3D may need to have their eyes checked out. You often have one eye stronger than the other which can bugger up the 3D effect.

    2. jai

      yes, but that's good isn't it?

      i thought it was a refreshing change to see a film that used the 3D when it was required and useful, not using every minute to try and find a reason to throw objects at the camera. I'd say because of it's lack of overuse, it's probably the 3D film I've enjoyed the most so far.

    3. Jason Hall

      Not over the top

      You're probably both right. Maybe the fact that I wasn't being smacked around the face with the 3d was what made it work? Well - made it much less intrusive anyway?

  2. Citizen Kaned

    looking forward to this

    i know its not going to be a great movie, but it will be fun and amazing eye candy, to be enjoyed with some magic cigarettes.

    the first film had a lasting impression on so many people my age (36)

  3. Citizen Kaned


    £13 delivered from on blu-ray

    1. Jedit Silver badge

      That'll be the 2D

      3D version is £18 - I already looked.

  4. Dirk Vandenheuvel


    >Finally, here’s a movie you might actually want to watch with your mates

    Just don't forget to buy glasses for all 5 of them. Lol 3D.

  5. Snark
    Thumb Up

    The film that made me give in and get blu-ray

    It is a very beautiful film, and I loved the fan-boi moments which are subtle and don't get rubbed in your face. It is an awesome blend of visuals and sound (the story is ignorable as it works so well as a package).

    Whilst it didn't tempt me to go for 3D... seeing this movie in the Cinema at Christmas did persuade me to finally upgrade and go Blu-Ray surround sound. I apologise in advance to my neighbours for tonight.

  6. Lottie

    No blu ray

    so I'll just get the DVD.

    I'm still quite surprised that companies are offering digital copies with their discs. I'm sure the DRM will be cracked soon enough.

    Anyway, re: the original Tron, did anyone else ever consider hooking a webcam up in place of a laser and trying to bait their PC into digitizing them? No?

    Never mind.

    1. defiler
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      DRM cracked?

      Yeah - took as long as normal for AnyDVD to skip over the BD protection, and MakeMKV to copy off the tracks I wanted. Can't be bothered with those silly plastic discs in the living room...

      The 4 options seem to be:

      DVD alone

      BD (2D) + DVD

      BD (3D) + BD (2D) + "digital" nonsense

      BD (2D) + BD of Tron

      I would have liked BD (3D) + BD (2D) + DVD, or better the 2x BDs + BD of Tron 1.

      Still, big thumbs-up for the hot-chick dispenser room. Trying to get the wife to let me install one!

      1. Jedit Silver badge

        US collector's edition is what you seek

        It contains 3DBD, BD, BD of Tron, and a DVD extras disc. May be hard to find now, but the US also has a separate BD release of Tron and it's very high quality. And like all Disney BDs so far, it's not region locked.

  7. Atonnis


    >Finally, here’s a movie you might actually want to watch with your mates

    As long as your mates like poor story and mediocre acting...

    1. Andrew the Invertebrate

      you forgot

      and Olivia Wilde in a rubber suit

    2. Sly

      like plot really matters with the guys

      You could watch <insert large budget action flick title with almost zero plot> and the guys would love it. Seriously, movie critics need not apply for entertainment value assessments.

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Jedit Silver badge

      Yes it does

      The first movie ends with Flynn exposing Dillinger and becoming CEO of Encom. The second movie exposites that afterwards, Flynn returned to experimenting with the Grid and eventually got stuck in there when Sam was 8 or so. There is no unexplained story gap.

      1. DPWDC

        I bow down!

        I totally cleared the CGI Bridges from my brain! I accept my mistake!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    One thing.....

    He's right, the audio track is stunning.....

  10. Arctic fox

    Hello! What part of the expression "total crap" is difficult to understand?

    The film was third rate garbage. I had more "fun" watching the latest Transformers film than this steaming pile of guano. I cannot believe that some of the postings here are actually friendly towards this ******* and as for 80% - I beg your pardon?

  11. whats the point of kenny lynch?


    i cannot wait for 'the passion of the christ' in 3d - i can almost smell the blood now....

  12. J. Cook Silver badge

    Not total crap...

    OK, so the movie's plot was... pretty much a carbon copy of the first movie, with a few names and details changed around. What it was, however, was a typical Disney movie: simple plot, simple theme, very shiny and pretty.

    The soundtrack was worth the price of admission, as was the near digital effects (and Hello uncanny Valley with the age-regressed Bridges!)

    Mine's the one with the Daft Punk albums in the pockets

  13. Renato
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    The interface

    For the geeks here, how the interface and some graphics were done:

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wouldn't inflict this rubbish on my mates.

    It was absolutely bloody awful at the cinema and could only be worse on the smaller screen.

    Also, I'm not stupid enough to have bought into this whole 3D bollocks for my home entertainment system.

  15. cloudberry
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    a great review

    Here's a very entertaining review of the film -- and one I completely agree with, having seen the film:

    1. Arctic fox

      @cloudberry: Great link. It really cheered me up after.......

      .......having watched that steaming pile. In fact I laughed out loud at several points - very enjoyable to read something genuinely witty rather than merely sarky.

      1. cloudberry

        @Arctic fox

        Glad you liked it!

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