back to article Intel reports record first quarter

Intel's first-quarter 2011 revenue set a new company record at $12.8bn, exceeding the Wall Street moneymen's predictions and causing Chipzilla's stock to pop up as high as six per cent in after-hours trading. "The first-quarter revenue was an all-time record for Intel fueled by double digit annual revenue growth in every major …


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  1. Ammaross Danan

    I wonder

    Makes you wonder if this is including their losses for their Cougar Point "recall." They make excellent processors. Unfortunately they don't have any competition in the high-end market. The Sandy Bridge parts are pointless to buy a non "K" series part, since a 3.4GHz i5 can OC to 4.4GHz reliably with the stock fan that comes with it....who wouldn't want an extra 30% bump in single-thread performance? If there was competition, these parts would likely have higher base-clocked non-"K" parts...

    But I digress...12.8bn should allow them to continue improving their CPUs. Can't wait for the next-gen architecture. Even a die shrink will be a nice bit of thermal/power reduction.

    1. fandom


      They ended up selling those processors to customers who 'promised' not to use them in the conditions that trigger the bug.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I was thinking the same thing regarding the Cougar Point recall, that can't have helped, but against $12.8bn it probably doesn't seem too bad.

    Hopefully AMD will bring a very competitive CPU in the release of their Bulldozer cores, but Intel may be ready with a Sandy Bridge refresh/price drop by the time AMD get them out the door.

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