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Google’s cloudy calendar was the main reason I adopted Android as my mobile OS of choice so it’s with no apologies that I’m selecting Touch Calendar as the one third-party app that Google really should license and install as part of the system. It’s that good. Touch Calendar    Touch Calendar Pinch to zoom between views …


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  1. Richard Parkin

    Sync Google to Apple

    No doubt it is a wonderful app but your premise that you have to use Android to sync with Google calendar is way off as I have no trouble syncing several Google Calendars [ie several free G accounts] with my Apple Mac Calendar app and Apple iPod Touch Calendar app.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Alarm Alarm

      Fanbois alert

      Alarm Alarm

  2. nichomach


    Only synching with the Google calendar is mentioned; does the app support synching other calendar types, e.g. Exchange?

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Absolutely fantastic

    Thanks for pointing this out, it's fantastic and so much better than the stock calendar.

  4. Al Taylor


    Richard. Re-reading my copy I don't believe I have come close to suggesting you have to use Android to access a Google Calender on the go. I was reviewing an Android app, not the respective calender support options and capabilities of Android or iOS. I'm sure most Reg readers are fully aware that Google calenders can be accessed from iOS, WP7, WebOS etc.

    nichomach. The app works with any calender account that your Android phone is "signed into" including multiple Google accounts, Exchange, Facebook etc. I should have made that more clear in the review.

    1. Richard Parkin


      "Re-reading my copy I don't believe I have come close to suggesting you have to use Android to access a Google Calender on the go"

      I think you came close when you wrote "Google’s cloudy calendar was the main reason I adopted Android as my mobile OS of choice" which I think implies you cannot use it elsewhere but it's not worth arguing about :)

  5. spencer

    Without a doubt the best Calendar....

    ...for a small screen device.

    The x10 mini, for example, doesn't cope well with many other calendars but this one works perfectly.

  6. Patrick O'Reilly
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    For next week check out PicSay Pro.

  7. Dapprman

    For me Pure Calendar is stil the best

    It's probably horses for courses and personal preference, but I still prefer Pure Calendar, but then I'm more driven by the the agenda functionality.

    Just a shame they can't get around the poor calendar system behind it - Google's product is truly rubbish.

  8. dotslash


    I find Calendar Pad a much better option, plus it's free with multiple sized widgets. However I use the neater Smooth Calendar widget instead.

    1. batfastad
      Jobs Horns


      Yeah Smooth Calendar is a decent widget. I just wish you could configure it to span more rows of the home screen. 1x4 isn't enough for me.

  9. Lutin

    Check out QuickPic

    If we're talking about alternatives to google's built in apps:

    Check out QuickPic - the best gallery/picture viewer. Knocks the stuffing out of the slow (pointlessly 3D) stock google app. Gets android gallery browsing very close to iOS in terms of smoothness.

    And it's free.

    Might be too "simple" to necessitate a review though.

  10. mrmond


    ....does more, has similar views and widgets AND is free

  11. juice Silver badge
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    Jorte is another good (and free) calendar app

    As per the title, I use Jorte, mainly because it's widget can be pretty much any shape or size - from 1x1 to 4x4 and everything inbetween, such as 1x4 and 4x1.

  12. Gordon861

    Another Option

    Take a look at Jorte, it does most of the same and it's free!

  13. IR


    I'm a Jorte fan. It's free and the widget customisation makes it better than any of the other calendars I've tried so far. The switch between daily and monthly views might not be pinch-to-zoom, but I can handle pressing a button in the corner for that.

  14. Mick Stranahan

    what utter cock

    "Google’s cloudy calendar was the main reason I adopted Android as my mobile OS of choice" which I think implies you cannot use it elsewhere but it's not worth arguing about.

    The reviewer's opening comment suggests it was Google's calender that drew him to Android because, I assume, Android offered him the convenience of one-sign-in sync. That's how I read it anyway.

    Can't imagine any WinPhone 7 and Palm WebOS users feeling the need to clarify that Google calender can synch to their handsets. Must just be an Apple (user) thing.

  15. Angus 2
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    Add my 2c

    I have tried quite a few calendars and have settled on Touch Calendar too, well worth the miniscule price.

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    Excellent. I prefer the (free) Smooth Calendar home screen widget though, set to launch this Touch Calendar on touch.

  17. JCCIII

    Google calendar fuggetabout it. go look at Agendus by Iambic.

    If the Android community had one brain they would be (as a group) begging Iambic to port the full blown version of Agendus Professional (as it runs on the old Palms) to Android. It's NOT just a calendar!! It literally would seal the handheld market FOR Android and be the reason to buy a smart phone / whatever for anyone. I've been using it for almost 10 years now. it's the ONLY reason I don't trash my Palm.


  18. RFC822


    It would be a cold day in hell before i would give Google unfettered access to my diary - they know far too much about me already.

    (I'm happily using VCOrganizer Pro on my Android phone - complete with its own excellent calendar application and widgets - to synchronise my data with Outlook on my PC.)

  19. MovingPictures

    Google calendar on Blackberry

    Lots of comments on how well Google Calendar syncs with iOS, Windows etc. Anyone care to share their experiences with Google Cal and Blackberry? I used to use a BB Bold and found the Gmail app had 'flaky-sync' permanently enabled with occasional missed events and random duplicates. Just enough to be really annoying! Now on Android, but would love to go back to the Blackberry keyboard if they've sorted the sync!

    Any BB users out there?

    (BTW I user Jorte, which is good but a bit laggy on the swiping).

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