back to article Angry Birds Magic up some NFC love

Nokia has finally discovered what Near Field Communications is for – unlocking new levels of Angry Birds by tapping Nokia handsets together. Angry Birds Magic will come preinstalled with the NFC-enabled C7, and distributed as part of the Symbian update to those handsets – enabling players to unlock additional levels by tapping …


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  1. Steve Evans


    All you've got to do is find another C7 owner?

    Oh bugger.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    This is a totally great way to

    - make sure all your friends get the same phone (only they won't cos you can't make something cool like that)

    - give Nokia / Rovio (!) social data that they'll use or sell on

    But it's a rubbish way to gain levels on a game that is, at the end of the day, just a silly little flash game of the sort we've been playing for free on the web for years.

    Anon in case there are any Angry sorts out there....

    1. James Hughes 1

      Doing quite well

      For a silly little flash game we've been playing on the internet for free....

      (I do agree though)

  3. DrXym

    Plead not guilty

    When you're arrested for frottering on the London underground, protest your innocence on the basis that you were simply trying to unlock levels of Angry Birds on your phone.

  4. miknik
    Thumb Up

    Worked with my HTC

    I just smashed my HTC into my gf's iPhone and it unlocked 1 angry bird

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