back to article Sony ships 50m PS3s

Sony has shipped more than 50m machines. It has also shipped 8m Move accessories. The Move total runs to 3 April, but since that's only five days after the PS3's tally, we think they're close enough to be comparable. Equally, while these are shipments into the retail channel - not to punters, in other words - we can't see too …


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  1. Ross 7

    Sony sells more PS3s than MS

    "Sony ships 50m PS3s - Not all of them into punters' hands, but still more than Microsoft"

    MS sell PS3s?!?!?!?

    Not surprised about the Wii figures tbh - a lot cheaper than the competition (well, initially anyway - XBoxes don't appear to be any more expensive these days), and granny is more likely to wave a Wiimote about and stand on and off a board than to wtfpwn some kids on CoD using nothing but the power of her thumbs, hence a bigger target population. Heck, even my mother has a Wii!

    Plus, Mario Kart + Wii Wheel > any other driving game. Ever. I just wish they'd release Pro Evo and have you strap a Wiimote to each foot. That would be awesomes.

    1. Carol Orlowski

      "Plus, Mario Kart + Wii Wheel > any other driving game. Ever."

      Never played GT5 or Modnation Racers then?

      Modnation racers is like MarioKart but 1000x better and 1000x more fun/.... Including a very epic track designer.

      Just because YOU haven't discovered it, does not mean it does not exist. Some people will only buy things that Ant & Dec tell them to buy. There is no hope for this people, they will end up with whaever product the company with the biggest advertising budget has, rather than the best budget.

      Having seen the state of Wii shovelware, it's clear to me, Sony have been spending their coffers on game development, Nintendo have been blowing theirs on marketing of crap.

    2. Greg J Preece

      Wrong on so many levels

      "Plus, Mario Kart + Wii Wheel > any other driving game. Ever. I just wish they'd release Pro Evo and have you strap a Wiimote to each foot. That would be awesomes."

      Not played a lot of racing games, huh? I loved Mario Kart back in the day, but compared to F1 Championship Edition, GT5, and just about any game from the Burnout And do you really think no-one's invented a wheel peripheral before? I can think of three different models for the PS2 alone off the top of my head.

      Can't stand the Wii Wheel if I'm honest. Tried playing Mario Kart with it and had a GameCube controller in almost immediately. And as soon as I plugged it in, I started winning every race. ;-)

  2. fishman


    Wonder how many of the Xbox360's are ones that replaced RROD machines? I know of a couple of people who bought two because the first one died and got tired of waiting for t when it was sent in for repairs.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Err me but

      It was a PS3 that burnt out.. had to buy a slim to replace it :(

  3. LPF
    Thumb Up

    @Carol Orlowski

    You need to take a chill pill , your inner fan boy is coming out !

    75M is 75 million end of story, Niitendo won this round period , deal with it !

    TMe I'm a very happy xbox360 owner :D

    1. Anonymous Coward


      75m is quite impressive for the Wii, but you make it sound like this generation is over.

      Xbox sales have dried up, as have the decent games (aside perhaps Gears Of War 3), the Wii sales are falling quicker than a stone.

      The PS3 will easilly overtake the Wii in sales in the next 5 years of it's life, simply because it has the longevity to survive and was designed to last, not a rushed out half-baked and non-working response (Xbox) or a Gamecube in a new case, only designed to last 5 years (wii).

  4. Notorious Biggles

    Where are they all?!

    I'm not getting in a slagging match about it, but I don't know where all these PS3 owners are.

    I can think of three people I know with one. One uses it exclusively as a BluRay player, one never uses it and the other one is the only actual gamer I know with a PS3.

    On the other hand, I know around 15 people with a 360.

    1. Greg J Preece

      Over here!

      I've got one, my boss has, at least three of my colleagues have, my brother is thinking of one and so is my girlfriend. The original 60GB PS3 is a great piece of kit. Backwards compatible to TWO generations, Blu-Ray playback, network playback from my server upstairs - the list goes on. It still amazes me that it was slagged off for being expensive @ £425 RRP, when the iPhone and iPad sell for over £600 a piece.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      I guess it depends on who you know

      You need to start hanging out with a much better class of people.

      (Not a gamer but my son loves his PS3)

    3. Daniel B.


      Close minds think alike. You'll find that PS3 owners will generally know more PS3 owners than 360 owners, and vice-versa. I know about half and half ... a good bunch overlap on PS3 and 360 ownership, a few have only PS3, even less have 360s. All of them still have PS2s, and some of 'em are still using the PS2!

    4. Carol Orlowski

      everyone in the trailer park?

      that might explain the 15 people you know with Xboxes....

      The rest of the world plays PS3, as it's better hardware, better features and has better games.

  5. Dirk Vandenheuvel


    Didn't MS announce they shipped 50+ million a month ago?

    1. Carol Orlowski


      and shipped to Microsoft mean left the factory with no definite retailer orders to fulfill, (they just go and sit in a big warehouse until retailers buys them)

      Sold to Sony means retailers have purchased stock, and retailers only purchase stock becuase their existing stock has been sold to consumers.

      It otherwords, it's 50m sold to stores, and in a months time that will effectively be 50m in consumers homes.

      Not bad for a console that launched 16months after the Xbox at a higher price, that the American media hated because Microsoft's advertising money stipulated that they had to,.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Ah, but...

        How many of them are YLOD replacements or replacement of earlier aging/dead units?

        1. Carol Orlowski

          Not that many

          Out of 30 or so PS3 owners I know, only 1 person had a failure, a launch 60Gb units, everyone else's is just fine (including 5 or 6 launch 60GB models).

          I'm guessing that the Squaretrade figures of 1-2% failure rate for the PS3 is not that far off the mark, and WAY better than Microsoft's 35-45%

  6. johnnymotel
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    ipad2...60mill in 2011


  7. Mr Bean

    So that's 50m PS3s paid for...

    ... but still legally owned by Sony.

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