back to article Intel and Micron reach flash frontier

Intel and Micron have claimed the flash high ground, or low ground really, with a 20nm process which is ready now. Competitors like Samsung and Toshiba are in the 25nm area and Intel Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT), the Intel Micron JV, has leap-frogged them to 20nm. The smaller the geometry, the more flash cells you can get …


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  1. Marky W

    128GB the size of a stamp

    I'm as guilty as most for taking technology for granted, but squeezing (about) 1,000,000,000,000 pieces of information onto something that small, and being able to change it and access it at will, is pretty mind-blowing.

    The really scary thing is that will seem tame in 3 years time...

    I suddenly feel old :(

  2. Select * From Handle
    Thumb Up

    Intel Mobo's with Flash chip windows OS built in C'mon u know u can do it intel!

    :D would be a great selling piece.

    1. Losheda

      SSD+Motherboard is better

      Adding flash to the motherboard will just make it more expensive, they're better off using the flash in SSD which they will definitely sell

  3. ChrisInAStrangeLand


    You're better off standardizing the entire industry to a 2x mini pci-e card. I'd certainly pick up a 64GB card to boot my OS and apps off.

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