back to article Google cranks ad money machine to $8.58bn

Google's first quarter profits weren't quite as stellar as Wall Street expected, as the web giant boosted salaries across the company, hired an additional 1,900 minds, and continued to pour money into its worldwide network of data centers. The company's non-GAAP earnings reached $3.23 billion in quarter ending March 31, or …


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  1. MS Rocks

    Google are a deeply, deeply evil company

    They make money via the theft of intellectual property and the theft of personal data. Yet all the freetards love them for it.

    On the plus side, as these results show, their revenue is entirely dependent on advertising. They are truly a one trick pony.

    However, Bing is now taking 30% market share in the US, and is deemed to deliver superior search results.

    So it looks like we may not have to put up with google too much longer. Thank god.

    Oh, and once their search business goes in to decline, they will have to cut back on their entirely loss making Android ‘business’.

    1. Zephyrus Spacebat


      Wow, 30% of the US market is really indicative that Google are sinking. Because the average US netizen that probably makes up that 30% can tell which has "superior results"... and isn't just using it because their "blue e" defaults to it.

      And Android doesn't make a loss - it's getting people interested in Google services. For example: Google Maps/Gmail/Google Search on my Desire. If I were using, say, a Nokia, I'd probably not be using Google Maps for my directions and Gmail for my email - I'd be using the Garmin maps (or whatever Nokia use these days) as well as POP3/SMTP to my domain's email.

      Penguin for obvious reasons.

    2. James Hughes 1


      For goodness sake, you conspiracy theorists really need to get back to UFO's where you belong.

      Google are no more evil that any other big corporation. You could argue they are all evil I suppose, but then that depends on your definition of evil. I personally believe the evil word should be reserved for murderers, rapists and the like, rather than corporations.

      Big corps are out to make money, in the vast majority of case. legally. That's it, and that's all. If you think that is evil, you need to get out more. Visit some of the more unruly African nations for a better idea of what evil really is.

      In other news - It's refreshing to see in Google's case that "It's clear that our past investments have been crucial to our success today – which is why we continue to invest for the long term.". Long term investment is what is sadly lacking in many corps, usually because they are trying to keep Wall Street happy. It's clear from Google's case that this investments does pay off, and creates a lot of jobs.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Not 30%

      Bing did NOT take 30% - Bing Powered search might have been 30% but over 50% of that 30% was from Yahoo which although powered by Bing is NOT Bing.

      Google's share dropped from 66% to 64%

      Did you actually read the article you linked to, or did you, having drunk deeply of the MS Kool-Aid, just spout the headline figure.

      1. Daniel 1

        I don't think that's Kool-Aid, he's drinking deeply, deeply from, mate

        Smells more like meths, to me.

        Leave him be. He's found his own little altar to worship at, and he thinks that makes him different. He's only here because YouTube wouldn't have him.

        1. James Hughes 1


          "He's only here because YouTube wouldn't have him."

          Harsh, but probably true.

    4. dssf

      bing Tanking 30% of the Market?

      Taking or tanking (fueling up) from?

      I SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY doubt bing has those numbers. Even if it is true, bing most CERTAINLY would not have without piggybacking on facebook. To do my bit in compensation of this, i avidly avoid using bing, even if fb returns things that *could* be interesting. But, knowing ms, I am pretty sure that fb users by default are being counted just because searching in fb will bring up the bing page. That is not a TRUE reflection.

      As for bing counts on cell phones, the dismal wp7 inroads probably (for now) must be heartbreaking even for the most optimistic of ms sales staff. A company that tries to be everything for everyone needs to take a chill pill. Unfortunately, boards of directors and other investors demand a company make money any "legal" or dubious way possible, so, if the board thinks grown of bing is coming from counting fb, they should know that not everyone will kow-tow to that game. Being default on a device is one thing. Merit and worth are whole, different animals.

  2. Goat Jam

    The Kool-Aid

    It is strong in this one . . . .

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re deeply, deeply evil company

    Thanks for joining the forums Mr Ballmer and for that fascinating bit of analysis

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