back to article Asus Eee Pad tablet-cum-netbook ship date slips

The Eee Pad Transformer, which maker Asus is pushing hard as a netbook-tablet combo - with the appropriate optional extras, natch - has slipped, at least according to Amazon. Originally due for release this month, the gadget is now being reported as due to ship almost two months from now, on 1 June. Asus Eee Pad Transformer …


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  1. oldredlion

    Asus DR 950

    E-ink ebook reader... anyone heard anything regarding a release date? Looking over the interwebs there are all sorts of dates, mostly from last year, but nowt much that is current.

  2. John 73


    I just got that email. How can Asus change the release date by 6 weeks, only 4 days before it's supposed to be on sale? Bastards.

    Shades of Duke Nukem...

  3. Geoff Campbell
    Thumb Down


    That is all.....

  4. Dave Fox

    Oh dear!

    Just because Amazon doesn't have stock, doesn't mean that the device hasn't shipped!

    Comet delivered my Transformer on Monday morning of this week, after I ordered on Saturday morning.

    True, it doesn't have the keyboard dock yet, but I consider that an accessory, which I've already ordered direct from Asus with expected delivery in the 2nd half of May.

    1. John 73

      No keyboard docks...

      I looked on Comet, and they're listing the keyboard bundle as "discontinued"!

      Looks like it may be a supply issue on the keyboard, though. How much was it as a separate item?

      And how are you liking the tablet part?

      1. Dave Fox

        Keyboard dock etc

        Hi John73,

        Keyboard dock was £54.98p incl shipping direct from Asus via the offer given here:

        I wouldn't be at all surprised if this offer ends up getting extended.

        As to the tablet part - it is a very nice bit of kit.

        1. John 73


          Many thanks, Dave. Now to try and find the tablet itself in stock somewhere... :-)

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Would have arrived just in time for my birthday, but no longer.

    Cancelled Amazon order, will wait for the 3G version now.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh no you don't...

    The Asus uses an IPS panel, the Acer Iconia a regular one. So it's no contest for me, I'll wait for the Asus. Shame though, I thought I finally found one I liked AND that I could actually buy.

  7. David Lawrence

    Jam the day after tomorrow

    Good job I gave up holding my breath for the "reasonably-priced-android-based-capacitive-screen-decent-CPU-zillions-of-apps-decent-storage-capacity" foldle slab then.

    Like I said before, I'm certainly no Apple fanboi but blimey they are waaaay ahead of the pack now their second generation slab is out.

    (Mine's the one with no more than £300 in the pocket for tomorrow's jam).

    1. potpie

      Stop, don't listen to this Apple fanboy writer!!!!

      That is one store that has posted a different date. Plus that isnt even for US, that is a UK push back. still selling the item, also there have been confirmed reports of April 30 release for US. The reason shows June is because there is a delay from Asus for UK production so they can start shipping to US and other countries. So again dont listen to this loser writer.

  8. Ryan K

    I was Lucky!

    I got lucky, after returning my iPad 2 for a full refund because it was locked to Orange I've been on the hunt for another tablet. I was wandering past a comet store on Monday, and saw they had a display model of the Transformer, and they had one in stock, so managed to bag one!

    I'm really glad I didn't order online now that the wait has just jumped!

    As for the keyboard/dock, if you have already bought the tablet part, you can get a dock here, for £55 including P&P.

    I have to say, I like the Asus, but I do have a couple of issues with it, including the fact that the Tegra chips aren't half as good at 1080p video as the manufacturers would have you believe. Truth is that even 720p youtube videos don't run as smooth as they should, and if you download video files from 'unofficial sources', forget it, as most rips, even SD divX ones don't run very well at all. I'm hoping as honeycomb matures, video compatabilty will get better.

    Just so we're clear, providing the encoding settings are spot on, the Transformer will display wonderful high definition video, however most videos aren't encoded with tegra 2 honeycomb devices in mind, so don't run well, if at all. 90% of your files will need re-encoding to watch, much like the ipad and ipad2.

    There must be something wrong somewhere in regards to release dates, as the motorola xoom which was supposed to appear in PC World on the 9th April is now looking at middle of June as well. At least with the Asus, you actually have a small chance of getting it in the UK (try every comet shop you can think of!), and the MicroSD port works out of the box, as does flash 10.2.

  9. Ryan K

    Anyone getting weird screen issues?

    Forgot to ask -does anyone who has one of these get a weird mesh effect on the screen? It's really hard to describe, but there is a mesh type pattern on the glass itself. It must be the glass, as it's most visible when the screen is off, and it extends all the way past the screen itself and into the black surround. I would say the squares are about 5mm across, and also are slightly rotated and not aligned with the screen, so I don't think it's the panel. It's really bizarre and am very interested to see if anyone else has this?

    A colleague of mine thinks it's some sort of mark from production (like when on conveyor belt or something), but I'm just spun out by the fact the meshing effect isn't even on 'straight', and have no idea. The visibility goes up and down depending on how clean the screen is, and can only be seen from certain angles, but I can't feel any rises in the screen itself, so maybe it's in the inside...

  10. JB


    Any idea when/if this one will be available in the US? Absolutely nothing on for it.

  11. gbroon

    Can buy it just not from amazon

    As far as I know Comet are still selling them. I think its just amazons availability that has been delayed.

    Shipping from comet when I ordered it yesterday was at 7 days though where before it had next day delivery available. I think Asus may just have prioritized stock for companies that currently sell it.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Pee Pad don't work

    Asus has had a lot of flops in recent years but they still keep cranking crap out the door. The Pee Pad don't work for me at all. Asus needs to return to making rice cakes.

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