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There isn’t a proper version of Firefox available for iOS, but the 360 Web Browser is perhaps the closest alternative I’ve seen so far. Version 3.0 has just been released and its feature list is ridiculously long, including an option to sync with Firefox, a built-in download and file manager, the ability to upload files to a …


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  1. GrahamS
    Jobs Halo

    Looks interesting

    But I would like to have seen it compared to other iOS browsers (e.g. SkyFire and Opera) rather than just Safari.

    SkyFire is my standard browser at the moment mainly for its abilities to change browser agent, render flash video, browse full screen and support private browsing.

  2. buddypepper

    nice browser!

    Wow - thanks for this article! I just tried out the free version, and it's really really nice. The one thing it seems to be lacking though, is pinch gestures....I can't zoom in/out by pinching my fingers together/apart like we've grown so accustomed to these days. Seems like an odd oversight - surely I'm just missing something here....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      pinch to zoom works fine.

      Pinch to zoom works fine for me. I'm using the paid version though I can't imagine that feature would be in the paid only version.

      Ad-blocking and easier tabbed browsing make this great for me.

  3. TRT Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    I'm glad you liked it. On the strength of this review alone I bought the full version. Can I have a refund please? I deleted it within an hour. It''s horribly fiddly. Complete waste of money.

    Icons everywhere and you can't find a tool tip without activating the control. Very un-apple like, as in it's so damned difficult to get to use it. You should be able to pick an iOS device up and get to grips with in within 5 minutes max.

    1. Jolyon


      Does their app store not allow refunds if you uninstall after a brief period?

      Android's Marketplace app store does if you decide you're not happy within 24 hours - seems like an obvious service to provide; better than limited functionality demo versions.

      1. ThomH


        There's some sort of refund mechanism, but I've never been clear exactly how it works. There was a minor uproar amongst developers when it was first announced since Apple were taking 30% of the original sale, but then supplying 100% of the refund from the relevant developer's account. I suspect they may just have decided to make the feature a little obscure rather than deal with the matter properly.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Jobs Halo

          a title

          Apple do not supply 100% refund from the developers account. The contract allows them to do this but I don't think there is a single case where they have done so, only the 70%. The rules are unknown though. The standard iTunes agreement states no refunds so the only ones that apply will be legally required, or if you can make a good sob story. You didn't like what you bought? Tough luck. That is the way it should be. There is no way for them to erase the app your purchased and stop you from reinstalling it from a backup so you could easily claim a refund, and then keep and use the app. The big flaw with the marketplace method.

      2. gisabsr

        Re: refund

        Would be great if that still were the case, but it isn't - google changed it to 15 minutes back in December 2010. Clock starts sticking as soon as you choose to download it. Barely long enough to download and evaluate it properly, and when I say 'barely' I really mean 'nowhere near'.

      3. MikeyD85

        Android Refund...

        Is only 15 minutes these days. Sucks arse. Some devs will refund up to 24 hours if you contact them via the market, but that's entirely their prerogative.

    2. Martin Huizing

      The title is required, and must contain 59 cents in it (non refundable).

      So eh... You will be trying before buying next time, eh?

  4. A. Nervosa
    Thumb Up


    I'll definitely check this out, although I'm already a strong advocate of iCab Mobile which has an equally impressive feature list without the slightly garish interface.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    "360 arc" - so a circle then?

  6. Gordon 10
    Thumb Up

    Try atomic web

    Works well for me. Similar feature set and multitouch commands - shake for full screen mode works well on iPhone. Only complaint is ad block filters are a little too aggressive.

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