back to article Wii price cut coming

Nintendo may be about to slash the price of the Wii by as much as 25 per cent. In the US, it's claimed, the console's price will come down from $200 to $150 on 15 May, according to "a trusted source", cited by Engadget. The Wii's share of the console market, while still impressive, slumped last year from 22.5m in 2009 to 17m …


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  1. Neil Greatorex

    Osbourne effect?

    They've just killed April sales.

  2. Carol Orlowski

    Unliklely, Wii is dead.

    Have you seen how many games have (not) been released this year?





    It's also starting to look like the Xbox is dying too, with it mostly all made up of multiplatform releases that are out (and usually better) on PS3 and PC.

  3. P Zero

    Better have HDMI

    Jes' sayin'

  4. Greg J Preece

    Don't tell me they're going to make something new!

    The Wii was a repackaged GameCube and half the shit on it was repackaged content, with the rest being shovelware. A few good (and in some cases really good) games occasionally appeared, but much like the DS, looking at the range in the local games store is just depressing.The number of games I have for my Nintendo consoles pales into insignificance besides my other, better machines.

    I wonder what gimmic-sorry, innovation they have for us this time...

  5. squelch41

    Do people with Wiis actually use them?

    I'd be interested to know average games bought/average spend per user on software for wii vs xbox/ps3.

    Everyone I know with a wii seems to buy Wii Sports, Mario Kart and maybe wii fit and then it all just gathers dust under the telly.

    The same fate doesnt seem to befall the xbox/ps3 crowd (though obviosuly these people are more likelyto be 'hardcore' gamers)

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Usage - OK here goes on a multi console family.

      Recent usage not turned on in last few weeks but.

      Wife - weigh herself using Wii fit

      Children - 1 of play Super Mario Galaxy 2

      Me - put batteries in controller

      Even the PS2 gets more use.

      The children seem to play LBP and Modnation Racers more except for the Uncharted fan.

    2. P Zero

      Post your own message

      I probably have more Wii games than any other console, but I've certainly given my other consoles more love. Traded in most of my PS3 games and I haven't bought any news ones due to my Sony embargo, the Xbox would get more use if my Samsung panel wasn't smashed by a housemate and my temp TV is a tiny cheap thing with only one HDMI port.

      I blame...

      -the gimmicky controllers. If I could just use a PS3/Xbox controller, I'd probably getting those last few Mario Kart wins. Plugging a "classic controller" into a Wiimote doesn't count.

      -resetting the resolution for whomever's TV I happen to be stealing at the time. Set up time is so exhausting(ish) that I don't even offer. HDMI fixes this.

      -Be original again. I appreciate the Wii is the better over GameCube, and happily supports its games to boot. But beef the console a bit. Please. Your first party titles rock, but that multi-console port is going to look mighty embarrassing and 3rd party titles have less to work with to really give you neat exclusives.

      1. Greg J Preece

        GameCube controllers are your friend

        "-the gimmicky controllers. If I could just use a PS3/Xbox controller, I'd probably getting those last few Mario Kart wins. Plugging a "classic controller" into a Wiimote doesn't count."

        Just pick up a GameCube controller or 4 for £2 a piece and use those. They're ten times better in a lot of games than the motion controller. If you have to bring out an accessory to nail onto the bottom of your controller to make it actually work properly, you're taking the piss.

        My Wii generally gets love for light gun games. I love light gunners, and naturally the Wii has a few. Ghost Squad, the incredibly OTT House of the Dead: Overkill, etc. Aside from that....Nights into Dreams II? And do any of these light gun games support the Motion+? Of course not, because Wii games don't get patched.

        If you even attempt a comparison with my PS3, the Wii really is a piece of shit, and the Move I got last weekend makes their motion control look like it was made by disabled chimps.

  6. MJI Silver badge

    Make no difference

    Anyone who wants one already has it.

  7. LinkOfHyrule

    Wii is being slashed is it?

    Well slashing is what normally happens when you have a wee is it not?

    Mines the one that smells like a care-home resident.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Just wait for the next headline

    Wii price cut by 25%, but not in the UK.

    Got one anyway, gathering dust nicely these days.

  9. Deano2099

    Sales figures...

    ...are not market share..

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