back to article Vodafone, Three to offer hyped-up HTC handset

HTC's latest Android phone, the modestly named Sensation, will be coming to Vodafone first, but that didn't stop Three chipping in to say it will be offering the video-centric handset too. HTC Sensation The Sensation is described by HTC as a "multimedia superphone" - clearly, the handset maker's self-deprecation knows no …


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  1. dotdavid

    Very pretty

    But if it has a locked/encrypted bootloader so I can't get a cooked ROM for it (as is rumoured), I'm not interested. And I suspect other more techie users are similarly wary.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: very pretty

      Indeed, especially as 3 have a habit of putting on their own firmware release with a few free games and stopping generic firmware installation. My other half's DHD is still running Android 2.1 thanks to 3.

      I'm sure vodafone are no better.

      This is one thing I do like about Apple, they put the networks firmly in their place as dumb pipes and said "No, you can't modify it, no, you can't control when updates occur".

      If the HTC handsets start being difficult/impossible to update at home then that will weigh heavily against them when I go shopping again.

  2. BlackBolt

    Why bother with the Android Tablets anymore?

    If the handsets are ramping up in hardware spec, and the screen resolution is also increasing then they are seriously infringing on the tablet territory.

    The only thing that the Samsung Tab did that was over and above mobile handsets was hdmi-out, but this handset does that as well.

    1. dotdavid

      Bigger screen

      It does actually make a difference for certain things. Maybe not a huge difference (which is why I haven't bought a tablet yet!) but definitely a difference!

  3. Andrew Garrard

    Close, but no cigar

    The bootloader thing would be annoying, true. However, my biggest issue was that I was hoping they'd announce the UK version of the Evo 3D - if I'm going to have to settle for 96000 pixels fewer than an iPhone (and I'm ignoring all the WVGA phones on the market for this reason) in order to have the OS I want, I may as well at least have *some* display feature to go with it. Besides, the Evo 3D has more RAM.

    Also... Sensation? After the Desire, I'm deeply suspicious that HTC's European branding team are all gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but "Evo" casts less doubt on my sexuality. I'm surprised the case isn't purple. If the refreshed version is the "super sensation" then I'm definitely calling it as targeted at a demographic.

    Glad they put the rim around the screen, though - it doesn't matter quite so much for a capacative display, but my Touch Pro 2 is forever answering itself in its case.

    The rumour I heard was that Vodafone would have it in May - it leaked on their web site before the HTC event - and have a couple of weeks' exclusivity. I'm not sure whether the video streaming is network dependent, but since it seems that the files might be *big* I suspect you can't just make it part of a data plan.

  4. The BigYin

    2 things

    1) Can I root it to remove the crap?

    2) Does the battery last a week?

    Call me when the answer to both is "Yes", until then I shall stick to my ageing Nokia.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      The good thing is

      With your aging Nokia battery lasting a week, you have even longer to not use all the features it doesn't have.

  5. Alex Walsh

    Answers that question then

    I was reading a longish article on the future for HTC, and it raised the concern that they may have dropped the ball by having no dual core smartphones out/roadmapped. This is obviously contrary to that :)

  6. PartTimeLegend
    Black Helicopters


    Both the Desire and the Desire HD have S-ON. In both instances the protection has been broken and engineering bootloaders have been flashed to my handsets.

    There is a great number of people who want to crack this, so just wait.

    1. Steve Evans

      Re: Bootloader

      Yes, but the breaking relies on exploring a flaw in an older bootloader. To do a Desire Z or HD today you'd first have to downgrade the firmware to one with the bug, then exploit it and get S-OFF.

      If the new phones don't have the flaw, there isn't an older version of firmware for them with the flaw to roll back to, it's going to make things a little tricky!

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