back to article Space flutes salute Yuri Gagarin

NASA astronaut Cady Coleman and Jethro Tull founder Ian Anderson hooked up late last week to pay homage to Yuri Gagarin when they whipped out their flutes for "the first space-Earth duet". Coleman is currently aboard the ISS as part of the Expedition 27 crew. Anderson was on tour in Perm, Russia, and took a moment to join the …


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  1. Graham Bartlett

    Another player

    Aren't we forgetting persistent rumours of astronauts playing on the pink flute up there? Certainly the rumours of astro-sex haven't been, ahem, put to bed...

  2. Peter Clarke 1

    Easy Option

    Much easier to stand on one leg in a low-g environment :)

  3. Wyrmhole_


    How do they play in sync with the comm latency between ISS and the Earth? :O

    1. Neil Hoskins
      Thumb Up

      I wondered the same thing

      I reckon that he can hear her but she can't hear him. She starts the piece and he finishes it. We hear what Ian Anderson hears, on Earth.

  4. Snake Plissken

    Has it taken this long.

    I thought Ron McNair was supposed to take part in a Jean Michel Jarre concert while he was on the Shuttle. Unfortunately, the Shuttle he was on was Challenger.

  5. Blubster

    Bloody hell

    Talk about a bad hair day.

  6. Jim 59

    Living in the past IN SPACE

    Coolest. Thing. Ever.

  7. Nick Pettefar

    Zero-G Women

    It must be a bit awkward for feminine-women in orbit, breasts and hair just doing their own thing and let's not even think about skirts and floppy earrings!

    They must have a lot of spunk to appear on camera. Ellen here looks pretty good though and I guess took a bit of time over her hair.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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