back to article iPhone 5? You might be waiting till 2012

Apple fans may have to wait till next year before they can junk their iPhone 4s in favour of iPhone the Fifth. Analyst firm Avian Securities said that production of the iPhone 5 won't begin till September, meaning a holiday launch at the earliest, or even a New Year's debut. The note, reported in Business Insider, is based on …


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  1. Peter Gunn

    Ordinary People Might get to own a fondle slab?

    Your kidding right, most people own an iPhone in some shape or form. Most of us are normal people, what are you on? Only the super rich are allowed Apple products?


    1. Anonymous Coward

      8 billion people

      At 8 billion people in the world, I don't think "most of us" have an iOS Device.

      If however you mean the population of El Reg, you may also be incorrect. Reading the forthcoming responses on the comments section to this article prove that.

      Anyway, this was a bit of smugness from the writer here. Let's leave that to the Apple users.

      /runs for the *Troll Defence League* (/b/)/

    2. Colin Wilson 2

      Poll Required

      There's only one way to find out - at least for el Reg readers. A new poll! Things like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Other. or iPad and, er, Other

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stupid article

    I think El Reg went a bit overboard on this one, you can almost cut the self-righteousness with a knife.

    " it would mean that "ordinary people" can get their hands on a fondleslab."

    You make it sound like the iPhone is something like a Vertu.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down


      Fanboys / haters are par for the course in the comments, they being the lower echelons of the web population. But keep it out of the articles ffs!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Hello and welcome

      You must be new to The Register. Pull up a chair.

  3. Aramando

    I for one am pleased at this news

    It means my phone will be the latest model for that little bit longer...

    1. Paul Naylor
      Jobs Halo

      Mine too

      Got my iPhone 4 last year, with a 24 month contract and was considering flogging it to Mazuma / Envirophone / etc. to get the latest slidy aluminiumness! Then I realised that I really was an Apple whote and thought it best to wait until next year!

      Crossing fingers for a big screen though. Buddy of mine has a HTC somethingorother with a bigger screen that the iPhone and it looks awesome!

      1. Mad Hacker

        The iPhone is too big!

        I hate big screens. My iPhone is too big as it is. I hope they shrink it!

      2. Chris Parsons

        Why do I need a title to reply to a post?

        Jesus wept? Do you do anything else in your life?

  4. Mark .

    Ordinary people already have smartphones

    Just not one with an expensive Apple logo. Since over 5 years ago, phones doing Internet, mp3s, 3G and apps (and video recording/calling/playback, btw) became cheap and bog standard. It's the Iphone that had to do catchup on many of these basic features.

    It is true that some Iphone users wave it around as a status symbol, it's like the Adidas of phones; personally I prefer clothes (and phones) without a big logo on them.

    I was once in the pub, and two strangers interrupted a conversation on phones I was having, to say in a snooty voice "Oh, we've got Iphones. Look at how shiny and sexy it is. We don't care about open source operating systems". I mean, what the hell?

    1. Ammaross Danan

      They have to brag.... it gives meaning to the premium price they paid for the closed architecture.

    2. JarekG

      The title is too long.

      "Oh, we've got Iphones. Look at how shiny and sexy it is. We don't care about open source operating systems"

      That strange, if they don't care about open source, you should ask them why not use Windows Mobile...after all any iCraps device is running version of Free BSD?


    3. Mark Aggleton
      Thumb Down

      I don't....

      ..... have a smartphone, and don't particularily want one.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      conversation on phones

      "I was once in the pub, and two strangers interrupted a conversation on phones I was having, to say in a snooty voice "Oh, we've got Iphones. Look at how shiny and sexy it is"

      This barely makes sense - "two strangers interrupted a conversation on phones I was having" - you mean you were having a phone conversation on more than one phone and two strangers tapped you on the shoulder to interrupt you and then say 'Oh, we've got Iphones. Look at how shiny and sexy it is'?

      I don't believe any of this.

      1. double0scotty


        Read it again. The guy was saying he was having a conversation about phones (I take it with someone) and he got interrupted by 2 strangers bragging about their shit phones. Makes perfect sense.

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      "It is true that some Iphone users wave it around as a status symbol,"

      What do you mean by this 'some'?

  5. JeffyPooh

    8 billion?

    6.8 billion roughly.

    I was expecting an Iphone 4 G(S) follow-on type product with most of the hardware design flaws of the Iphone 4 engineered out. I'm not having an Iphone 4, but I'll take a close look at any updated versions (assuming that they tuck the Hi-Z ends of the monopole antennas inside the case this time).

  6. This post has been deleted by its author

  7. theJML

    It's not the phone that's expensive.

    To tell the truth, I'd have to say the reason why the "normal people" don't have iPhones isn't because of the cost of the iPhone itself. On a plan, it's $199... or $49 around here if you want a 3GS. (That's the "Cheap" phone already, last year's model. No need for another one. ) The big price is the on going service charge of internet and text messages. On AT&T it means, take your normal plan and add $30+ a month to it. (For the cheap setup, the one I've got is $30 (unlimited net) +$20 (unlimited text), luckily my company reimburses me for it). $30 * 24 months (2 year contract) is $720! and the one I've got is $1200!

    Thing is, this is basically the standard AT&T pricing. Verizon's isn't much different. Doesn't matter what smart phone you get, you're going to be dropping a lot of money either way, and not for the phone.

    1. Paul 135

      We aren't all Americans

      speak for yourself American - you guys have always had high prices. For the rest of the world the iPhone is fucking expensive.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        the phone isn't expensive, the service contracts are....

        "speak for yourself American - you guys have always had high prices. For the rest of the world the iPhone is fucking expensive."

        I was going to get an MP3 player,

        My phone was a Samsung D900, the contract on O2 was up so I looked at an iPhone 3G. For the same price as the MP3 player, £100, I bought an iPhone. The ongoing contract subscription was the same price, £35.

        I sold the iPhone 3G for the same as I paid up front to acquire it.

        I bought the iPhone 4 with the cash I got back.

        Expensive.... nope....

        1. Paul 135

          fools and their money

          If you don't think the requirement for a £35 per month contract is expensive then you need your head checked!

          1. stuff and nonesense

            fools and money?

            I use the minutes to within 10% each month. If I didn't I would agree with you that fools are easily separated from their hard earned.

            £35 / month is cheaper than £30 / month and using more than the minutes allowance.

          2. stuff and nonesense

            Second part

            Read the title of my first post!!!!!!!!!!

  8. SkippyBing

    Of course ordinary people have iPhones

    They sell them in Tescos FFS, that's hardly Waitrose is it?

  9. jai


    isn't this the 3rd or 4th year that there have been rumours of a low-priced iPhone?

  10. Mark .


    See how the fans want to thumb my comment down?

    Any old phone can do Internet access/apps these days, I'm not sure why that was a controversial comment. The "You need an expensive smartphone to do that" is one of the new tech myths around.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Maybe because they're right?

      I've used almost all the "Internet phones" since the Motorola Timeport 260, the first GPRS phone, and I can safely say either the web was rubbish or they were massive bricks. That goes for for all of them until the iPhone came out in 2007 with a proper browser in a nice form factor.

      That's were you got your original comment wrong.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Thumbs down Why?


      "I was once in the pub, and two strangers interrupted a conversation on phones I was having, to say in a snooty voice "Oh, we've got Iphones. Look at how shiny and sexy it is. We don't care about open source operating systems". I mean, what the hell?"

      sounds made up to me. Or your going to some really bad bars.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Like @AC said

        that too

      2. JarekG
        Thumb Down

        AC @ 14:22 GMT

        You should leave your basement and go will see that there are real strange people.

        WOW is not the only place that has dumb people.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And another one...

      for whining about it!

  11. Mark Serlin
    Thumb Up

    I don't care WHAT you write about...

    ... just keep up the same old snarky tone and reader-baiting attitude and I will keep reading. Work is dull and I need a good laff at lunchtime :-)

  12. Alex Walsh


    There was me thinking fondleslabs were tablets.

  13. Michael Jennings

    September or October, maybe. 2012, nah.

    Apple has released new iPods every September or October since 2003. Given that this is a good time of year for a major product announcement, and given also that the iPod as a product category is in seemingly terminal decline, it makes perfect sense for Apple to move one of its other product announcements to later in the year. So a September or October iPhone 5 makes perfect sense. I doubt it will be that major a redesign, but it can't be hard to give the iPhone a faster CPU and GPU, nicer cameras, and a bit of a cosmetic redesign. Give it much more than a year between revisions, though, and people will stop buying it, so I really can't see a delay until next year.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I agree

      Surely they need to announce a phone with the A5 processor this year.

      The rumour mill is just completely off the axis this year, remember how they said the iPad was also delayed..

  14. Him over there

    Ordinary people?

    What are you on about, the iPhone is more commonplace than many other ones now. My mother, my father in law and most of their friends have iPhones and they don't come much more ordinary than those folk!

  15. Scarborough Dave
    Thumb Up

    Vote up this post if you think the iphone is pants!

    Might be the first time one of my comments has a thumbs up.

    1. Geoff Campbell Silver badge


      Trying too hard, Dave, trying too hard....


  16. The lone lurker
    Thumb Up

    Am I the only one...

    Who read the 'Ordinary people" comment as sarcasm?

    I think you've all been trolled, hard.

  17. Jim Coleman


    iPhones are pretty common and definitely in the hands of the great unwashed masses - a bit like BMWs.

    One time I was a passenger on a trip down the M40, I counted all the BMWs and worked out that on the motorway you see, on average, one BMW every 10 seconds.

    Which seems about the same as iPhone incidence. They really can hardly be described as a status symbol when the student sitting next to you has one and so does the ticket inspector.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    "your" .NE. "you're"

    Internetglish in two comments. Sigh...


  19. Arctic fox

    If those dates turn out to be somewhere near real it will be interesting.

    The implication is that the iPhone 5 will be launched about the same time as the first Nokiasoft phones. I can already see the postings we are likely to get. This is going to be fun, the blogosphere here at ElReg is likely to get fairly "fraught".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      No way

      Microsoft will have a Nokiasoft phone on sale to the public before well on to next year. I'll even eat my hat if they do (and if so watching ensuing marketplace disaster would be worth swallowing it down)

      I think MS's strategy for Nokia is to get them onboard for WP8. WP7 seems more and and more to have just been launched to patch this massive gap in their product range while they work on the real thing.

      1. Arctic fox

        @+++ath0 Re No way

        I said absolutely *nothing* explicit or implicit about the likely merits or demerits of *either* the iPhone 5 *or* the first of the Nokiasoft phones. My posting in that respect was *wholly neutral*. I posted saying that *IF* these possible dates were anywhere near real then the atmosphere here on the threads at El Reg would be somewhat predictable. Lo and behold, you reply to my posting insisting that in the unlikely event that any Nokiasoft phones are launched in that period they will be a disaster and we see many other postings of the same general type (both pro and anti apple, and of the usual "high intellectual" standard). It is downright amusing to see my little prediction confirmed in spades so quickly. I should get into the analyst business, judging by this I could scarcely do any worse than the likes of Gartner et al.

  20. JDX Gold badge

    "most people own an iPhone in some shape or form"

    No we don't. They are a luxury item like all smart-phones, the same as a games console.

    I find it fascinating that it's now considered de rigueur to splash out £400 on a mobile telephone, and that people seem to think they're entitled to this.

    1. Peter Gunn

      Stepping above my station

      You`ll only pay over the odds if you dont shop around.

      Spend £400 on a phone on day of release.....wait for a good deal like most people do, and thats why there are so many people using them.

      People are entitled to buy whatever they choose, regardless of status.

    2. Chris Parsons

      Couldn't agree more

      I hate mobile phones of all sorts. They seem to have taken the place of real life for most people. Try walking around London without walking into some twat completely engrossed in the garbage on his bloody phone. Really and truly, there are other ways to pass your time.

  21. Giles Jones Gold badge


    These articles about iPhone/iPad delays are just FUD press releases put out by rivals trying to get people to "stop waiting" and buy their alternative product now.

    The next iOS will be announced early June at the WWDC event and I see no reason why the next iPhone won't be announced as well.

  22. stim

    apple - yuk

    i wouldnt touch anything apple if you paid me. in-fact, even if i won an iphone i would sell it to some poor unsuspecting ebayer.

    i see apple as 'computers for dummies' with their one handed ipad machines, the most horrendous music manager (itunes), no right clicks (macs) and a phone which farts. i can see why so many people are wrapped up with it all, no, really...!

    1. Campbeltonian

      Right click

      No right clicks? Apple products have moved on since Mac OS 9, believe it or not.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Oh really, for dummies?

      Know any other machines which packs powerful commercial tools (you know Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, even the whole MS Office) on top of a Unix backbone, which is just a click away?

  23. Chris 171



    apple can suck my lozenge! What was this article about again?

    1. 10bottlesofbleach


      "apple can suck my lozenge"

      Ladies and Gents, we have today's quote of the day.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Common Place?

    Most of my friends or family have non iPhone phones, either the phones are old (those of the older generation perfectly happy with what they have) everyone else I know have gone down the Android route (with one or two for Windows mobile)

    Only my half brother has an iPhone.

  25. Anonymous Coward

    How easy is it to tell if someone has an iPhone....?

    No need to run any type of survey or poll:

    Just wait a while and they **will** slip it into a conversation at some point.

    On the topic of whether analysts can divine anything about Apple product launches?

    I doubt it, given the tight legal bindings Apple place on their suppliers.

    You'd have about just as much success using animal entrails or seaweed.

  26. veletron

    Suits Me

    Suits me, I am still in contract. I have owned a sea of Android, Nokia and HTC WinMo phones in the past, and the iPhone+iOS still beats the lot of them. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Android 2.2 on the GT feels oh-so clunky compared to iOS4.3 on the iPhone4.

    Apples greatest strength, and what will keep me buying Apple's phones is firmware updates to the latest and greatest iOS running on my existing phone. The 2-year old iPhone3Gs will run the recentely released iOS4.3 officially without my having to resort to XDA-Dev to obtain a hacked together rom. Typically, updates for Android devices are delayed for ages after google releases the code and the vendor (especially Samsung) then decides that it cannot be bothered to make said update available to customers. There are Android phones out there that have only been on the market for 3 months that will get no updates. Frankly, its criminal.

    Google needs to standardise the whole phone-updating thing so that it can push updates to users its-self rather than relying on lazy carriers and device manufacturers to do it. Until Android devices get a decent updating system controlled by google rather than Vodafone/HTC I will not consider Android devices to be a worthy alternative to iOS devices.


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