back to article Microsoft cranks out Internet Explorer 10 preview

Microsoft has released an Internet Explorer 10 preview, little more than a month after the debut of IE9. The company posted its IE10 Platform Preview build on Tuesday, calling it "the first step in delivering the next wave of progress in native HTML5 support". It seems likely that an IE10 beta will be delivered in September. …


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  1. Joe User

    The response from IE9

    I'm not quite dead yet!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Coughing up blood though

      I feel happy

      you're not fooling anyone

      I think I'll go for a walk


  2. Anonymous Coward

    Opera 11.10

    is where the innovation is. Thats far more newsworthy....

    1. Wild Bill
      Thumb Down

      Bloody Opera fans

      Do you just wait around all day for news stories about other browsers to be posted so you can jump in with your 2 cents?

      1. Bilgepipe

        Bloody Opera Trolls

        Do you just wait around all day for news stories about other browsers to be posted so you can just wait around all day for someone to mention Opera and jump in with your 2 cents?


    ie10 wtf

    honestly microsoft give it a rest you have only just released ie9 to your consumers just recently. your making far to many things happen at once i tried ie9 but it screwed up on my mothers pc il stick with google chrome thanks

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Sorry you lost me.

      You're complaining that i.e10 is too soon after ie9, yet you use Chrome which is updated almost monthly these days?

      Most odd....

      PS can you go back to school now, I really had trouble reading that post.

      1. Giles Jones Gold badge


        The difference is Microsoft announce it with a big fanfare and produce lots of preview versions instead of just getting on with the coding and releasing it quicker.

      2. The BigYin


        Enterprise is still using ie6! *sobs*

  4. perlcat

    Their coders have been spotted.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I have to say it...

    ... this is *good* news.

    ie9, albeit *very* belated, is a damn good browser, showing microsoft is finally taking standards seriously.

    I work for a commercial web development company - there's some closed minded attitudes mainly from our clients.

    The release of ie9 has *finally* given devs the chance to properly use HTML5 and CSS3.

    We've all been using it in our spare time, but at the office, there's always been the horrible reality of budget and corporate compliance.

    If the boss of 'big company XYZ' sees rounded corners on the design, drop shadows and all manner of exciting graphical wonders, he wants to see it in *his* browser.

    The numpty cares not about other browsers - heck, he doesn't know what they are.

    The account manager wants to please rather than educate, so he goes along with it "Yeah sure, it'll look *exactly* like the design in your browser"

    So, we end up hacking away with graphics, nasty javascript work-arounds, rushing against the clock to stupidly ensure the design looks the same in every damn browser.

    *finally* we have an excuse to NOT do this and I hate to say it, but *THANK YOU Microsoft - About Fucking Time!

    So, it looks like this stunning turn-around is set to continue with ie10.

    Of course, the cynic in me knows exactly *why* microsoft is doing this - pretty damn obvious - a huge loss of browser market share on the desktop - the only market where it has the lions share...

    1. Wild Bill


      But good luck getting the numpty boss to actually update to IE9

      1. Ken Hagan Gold badge

        Re: good luck getting the boss to update to IE9

        He'll get it through Update on a month or two, because he is too much of a numpty to avoid it.

        And on that subject ... one could reasonably argue that IE9 isn't really "out" yet because the only people running it are the very few (mostly web developers) who have sought it out. What we have right now is a population of volunteers doing final testing on the gold code before MS hit the big switch.

        1. CD001


          Assuming he's not still running XP - in which case he's probably still on IE6 and life is still shit for web monkeys ;)

          1. Anonymous Coward

            Don't knock XP

            quite a few big corps (mine included) are stuck on XP because of the clusterfuck that was vista. All being well the big rollout should happen Q4 ....

            1. Keith Williams


              or because you have ,000's of apps that all have to be tested before you migrate anyone to >XP

      2. Giles Jones Gold badge


        Or Windows Vista/7 since IE9 (and 10) won't run on XP which may corporate machines are still stuck with.

  6. HMB

    CSS Transistions Too

    Don't forget the IE Blog saying that IE 10 is to feature CSS Transitions too! I think that was one of the most missed opportunities of IE9.

    I for one and delighted with the news. IE supporting more HTML5 is a good things for everyone, whether they realise this or not.

    Also, IE 10 will make IE 6, 7 and perhaps even 8 look increasingly ludicrous options to hang on to and that's just outstanding.

    I know some corps are still stuck in the past, but sooner or later, they'll have to move on. IE 10 makes the case even more compelling.

  7. Paul Uszak

    " emerging web standards not yet finished"

    Oh dear. Degi vus. So we'll be back to supporting IE's take on standards that aren't quite standard. I thought that we were trying to get away from browser specific functionality. Can't they wait a bit till the standards are written in stone...

    1. Alastair 7

      I wish they could

      But HTML5, for example, isn't going to be 'written in stone' for another 3 years:

      It's a stupid situation, but don't blame MS for implementing HTML5/CSS3 technologies- the other browser vendors have gone ahead and done it themselves anyway, sometimes with differing implementations...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You do realise...

      that the CSS 2.1 spec isn't "ready" for use yet? It only became a proposed recommendation *yesterday*? Or are you diligently using only CSS 1 declarations?

    3. westlake

      Sunrise, sunset

      >>Oh dear. Degi vus. So we'll be back to supporting IE's take on standards that aren't quite standard. I thought that we were trying to get away from browser specific functionality. Can't they wait a bit till the standards are written in stone...<<

      Which can take eternity and a day.

      Meanwhile, the developers of Flash, H.264/HEVC and other technologies are not standing still - and they have a new weapon in the Internet "App."

      Deployment on the HDTV set, home theater receiver, set top box, video game console, tablet PC, smart phone and so on.

      In partnerships with the hardware manufactuers.

      They don't need the browser. Which means that browser is playing catch-up.

  8. l8rm8e

    I'm slightly confused?

    What (exactly) did the IE10 preview reveal? What features do Microsoft bring to the party? Is there any further support of CSS3? Is there better HTML5 support? Does it come with a free bee sting prevention routine? What does IE10 bring? Is the JS engine MORE JQuery friendly? none of the above? so many question marks!

    Either I'm dyslexic or the article was a diet tofu burger. I feel empty and hate my life!

  9. Martin Lyne


    Just what we all wanted. To have to retest our sites for yet another MS browser. It's not a contest to get most versions of one product at once simultaneously.. if it were a race to piss off web devs though, you had already royally won that one. Pfht.

  10. Bear Features


    IE6 is still better than Safari :D

  11. Mark C Casey

    Still massively behind

    Still needs loads of work and frankly the marketing that MS is pushing is so damn dodgy that you'd think it'd fallen off the back of a lorry.

    No commitment to webm, webgl etc and the new features they show off other browsers have had for quite a while now..

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    IE9 doesn't seem to be a big hit

    so let's try IE10 then. We promise this will be better, honestly!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    22.89x More Relevant than Opera

    According to the latest worldwide usage stats from

    Awwww.. Poor Opera.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      who cares

      It's not marketshare, it's product quality, performance, features, style that count.

      Opera is better at all these.

      Awwwww, Poor AC... The only loser here is you for thinking that marketshare and product quality are linked. Consumers buy/use any old tat. Whatever the internet/TV/newspaper tells them to use. (smart people know this that the man with the most money shouts the loudest).

      I bet you also own a Xbox too.... Same thing applies, tat, but Microsoft have unlimited money to tell you how good it is.

      1. Chris Reynolds


        He didn't say anything about quality. He said 'relevant'. I used to be a coder, then I rose through the ranks to run corporate websites. Now I've moved to the ICT Services side of the camp and I've never considered the quality of the browser to impact its relevance to me as a professional. Before we end up quoting Pirsig on quality, I would consider either IE9 or Google to be the qualty product. As much as I like the concept of Opera, it's never stuck and when I just want to get the job done, Microsoft and Google make the browsers for me.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Next Month...

    IE-11 previewed. Oh, and we are still developing IE-10.

    Seems like they really want to develop things.

    June headline: IE-12 previewed.

    Every month a new browser, each just as mucked up as the previous one. Web people are still developing for IE-6 anyway, so why bother with this new fangled stuff.

  15. Fuzz


    If it doesn't have one, then it's no good.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

      or you could learn to spell

  16. ceebee

    but ...

    FF4.0 and Chrome still manage to support WinXP.

    IE9.0s Vista/Win7 only support may make sense in many ways but for corp. users are stuck on WinXP it is useless.

  17. 10bottlesofbleach

    Dear Reg,

    Please enable an "Auto Downvote" feature on my account to save me the trouble whenever I read a pro-Opera post.


    1. Anonymous Coward

      You mean that Opera

      Microsoft was specifically targeting in the past with special clever-crafted pages in order to show how broken it is ?

  18. brudinie

    webgl webgl webgl

    webgl webgl webgl webgl webgl

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IE10 continues on IE9's path...

    That'd be down the drain then, eh? Good

  20. Bugs R Us
    Thumb Up

    Opera reality check

    I'm an IT geek. I work with Fortune 500 clients and SMEs and I encounter all manner of IT people, from Microsoft Pros to Linux fanboys to Apple loving fashionistas, meaning I meet a LOT of IT professionals in my job. I've yet to meet anyone in the business of IT that uses Opera. Most use IE, then Chrome, then Firefox.

    Only good will come of regular updates and releases. In fact we should get used to frequent updates to the browser engines as this is the only way web standards can be rolled out quickly. De facto adoption of standards could also drive the standards folks to work faster too.

    1. Chris Reynolds


      I came from Fortune-500 land and the majority stuck with the browsers that work. There's a lot of people who like Windows 7 and IE9 works very well with it. Since it appeared on Windows Update the other day, I've been recommending that people install. Since I weeded IE6 out of my employer's systems, the need for Chrome, Firefox et. al. has decreased. Next month we get IE8 as a part of an org-wide Win7 rollout and once that's stable I'm taking us to IE9. I won't be allowing any in-house apps that code for brower-specific features. There lies dragons.

    2. Lewis Mettler

      if you have a copy of IE

      If you have a copy of IE you were forced to buy it.

      If you have a copy of IE, your opinion simply does not count. Microsoft requires that your opinion does not matter.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Damned if you do...

    Microsoft hammered for being so slow

    Microsoft hammered for appearing to be moving faster...

    Personally -- bring it on!

    IE9 is a very good browser (I still have Chrome as my main browser at home but I'm tempted to switch) and sadly it appears much of the rabid dissing of it comes from people for whom product allegiance is a religion, rather than the need to just get the job done and do it well -- yes it sucks that everything seems to do it differently but that's life, if you're a good developer, you will find a way. (Though I don't support IE6 in any of my work any more, I don't break the website, it just might look awful.)

    And as for standards that are not set in stone being supported before they become so, well, I don't recall any HTML spec that has been ratified and all the rest of it by the W3C before the browser's implemented it, it's always been a retrospective standard so far as I have been aware which has picked up those browser specific additions including the humble <img> tag.

    If we wait for the W3C to ratify HTML5, CSS 3 etc. before using it'll be 2020...

  22. AndrueC Silver badge

    Technological progress

    Have they worked out how to disable sub-pixel text rendering yet for those of us who can't use it?

  23. Anonymous IV

    Surely it just depends on what you use?

    It would appear to be a truism that if you have a browser, antivirus product, operating system, religion, political opinion, and so on, different from the one being propounded, then you automatically have carte blanche to slag it off!

    1. Lewis Mettler

      or were forced to purchase

      If you have a copy of IE, you were forced to buy it.

      If you have a copy of IE, your opinion on browsers simply does not count. You bought IE regardless. Fools are parted from their money every time.

      1. MrT

        @Lewis - Same thing with Safari...

        ...or did everyone forget that it's bundled with Apple PCs and was forced onto all users of Apple software on other systems a few years back through their Update?

        The 'forced' thing might be true of the first purchase of the OS (though really it's a matter of convenience, not coercion), but I chose to download IE9 a while back to try it out. My preference for browsing is still Firefox as default (on Windows and Linux), then IE, and then Chrome or Konqueror occasionally. Safari never gets a look-in following Apple's sleight of hand, although I did try it out at the time. Opera never even crosses my mind.

        Anyhow, where's Marc Andreessen when you need a balanced view on browsers? ;-)

      2. Spearchucker Jones

        @Lewis Mettler

        You made the same post further up the page. I've just looked at your other posts on the Reg and the last seven posts say... wait for it... the same thing!

        That aside, I have a copy of IE and I wasn't forced to buy it. I willingly bought a copy of Windows 7, which came with IE8, and then I voluntarily downloaded and installed IE9. I will no doubt install IE10 when it's avaialble.

        So how was I forced to buy IE?

        Why does my opinion not count?

        I bought Windows which came with IE, but ignoring that, regardless of what?

        And what on earth does the subjective allegation that fools are always parted from their money have to do with the previous four questions?

      3. Anonymous Coward

        you again

        Still spouting the same crap. EXACTLY the same crap, At least you have stopped with the crap about still not being able to uninstall internet explorer. Did my last post to you finally hammer home the difference between a rendering engine and a browser?

  24. Dan 55 Silver badge


    Strapline remains the same.

  25. Lennart Sorensen

    Maybe IE lost the download race because you couldn't download it

    I tried to download IE9 using IE8 on windows 7. I kept getting a server connection error. Finally I tried with firefox 4 and what do you know, it downloaded the IE9 installer and started the install.

    Congrats Microsoft. You made me use the competition to get your new browser.

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