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A website called MySpace is 'in a death spiral' according to Mr Robert Scoble, who attributes this unhappy state to its being implemented using Microsoft .NET technology, and because it is headquartered in Los Angeles, where apparently there aren't enough good programmers. Slightly cross-eyed with concentration at his three- …


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  1. BorkedAgain

    More Stob goodness.

    But does it scale?

    1. Jon Double Nice

      I love it when people drop that one in a meeting

      I always want to point out to them that they may as well ask "Can it be milked", but I want to keep my job.

  2. lawndart


    Since it has been pointed out to me that the hash symbol is properly an "octothorpe" I have been mentally translating C# as "Coctothorpe", which sounds like a small hamlet to where Scottish incomprehensible-lyriced bands retire.

    Are moleskin breeks common north of the border?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    To paraphrase Rutherford

    C++ is the only real programming language. The rest are just stamp collecting.

    1. Martin

      C++ ???

      Real programmers use C.

      1. Steven Knox


        C is for programmers who are lacking one or more of:

        A. the strength of will to choose an architecture and be done with it,

        B. the ability to remember which registers hold what data, and/or

        C. the vision to see the structure of your application as it flows through RAM, cache RAM, and the processor pipeline.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    How to pronounce an underscore.

    Funny that you should think of click languages... one of my colleagues at a job I was working at back in '94-'95 finally got tired of saying "underscore" out loud when reading out code or URLs to people and so invented a phoneme for it, which we all adopted. It's pronounced as a nasal sniff/back-of-the-throat snort and using it saved us loads of time in work-related conversations!

    1. JJS

      Informative how-to video on the topic

      Victor Borge has taken care of all these problems for us:

      1. John H Woods Silver badge

        Thank you so much


  5. Mike Bell

    C++ is for babies.

    Assembler, that's what you want. Or microcode if you're the kind of person who likes wearing barbed-wire under your shirt. And while we're at it, every single line of SQL should be composed by hand and brought to life by a stored procedure.

    Just look at what happened with HAL in 2001 if you want an example of how you can be really let down by high-level languages!


    1. The lone lurker

      Got your sarcasm,

      but HAL was let down by the poor quality of his programming!

  6. Rattus Rattus

    Good stuff

    but too kind to .NET I feel.

  7. Mr Larrington
    Paris Hilton


    What's wrong with FORTRAN?

  8. Il Midga di Macaroni

    Love it!

    Verity if you keep writing like this I'm going to be slapped with an ASBO for excessive loud laughter.

  9. Robert Fletcher
    Thumb Up

    Best. Simile. Evah.

    "like an unexpected potato plant found growing in the compost heap, "

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