back to article Apple to dominate tablet biz through 2015

Apple's iOS may be forecast to lose smartphone market share even to Microsoft's Windows Phone, but it will remain the leader in the media tablet arena through to 2016. So suggests research house Gartner, which puts iOS' share of the 2015 294.1m-unit market at 47.1 per cent. That's an inevitable significant reduction on Apple' …


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  1. Wibble

    Where on earth is Microsoft?

    This is getting really odd; where on earth is Microsoft in this game? Even Ballmer must realise that every tablet sold is another nail in the "Windows everywhere" strategy -- it's only a small step to move iOS and Android into 'netbook' formats with traditional keyboard and mouse and the end of Windows is nigh for most low-end users. Sure, there'll always be a market for high-end computers for 'power users', but most people don't fall into this category.

    It's like Microsoft have just given up.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "This is getting really odd;.."

      Woah, stop right there.

      Microsoft have always been a late turn up to the party, and smash their way into the market. Look at the xbox.

      Look at what they did with netbooks. Cheap systems running an acceptable enough OS to do the task there design for (and named after) and they just butchered it with Windows XP and 7 when they started catching on.

      Microsoft haven't got the same "luck" with tablets. They required specific UIs, and they're not letting winphone 7 on tablets. It'll take until Windows 8 and ARM support before we see micosoft pushing tablets. Until then, we're stuck with windows 7 and x86.

      Looks like the same uninvented, lacking innovation microsoft of the past 10 or so years, nothing different.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      where are microsoft..... late as usual

      when has microsoft ever been ahead or even kept up with the pack on a new technology/platform?

      this is the microsoft that thought the internet would never take off so ignored it for as long as they could!

  2. S2S

    tablets !

    Even if it is true who cares , only idiots by tablets anyway ,you cant do any real work on them, they don't really have a use other than to show off how much money you have to wast on an expensive gadget . I fail to see the point in a tablet at all when a smart phone can do all it can do anyway and it's your phone ! So if your out and about without your laptop and you need to do something 'simple' you can .

    1. Rob

      One mans meat is another mans poison

      I think it all depends on what you want to use it for. We've been talking in our household about getting an android pad for the purpose of a media player on long journeys for the little one, a WiFi picture frame at home, a HDMI device that will play iPlayer upstairs in the bedroom, a DNLA device for other TV's, a way to look at mine and the wife's calendar in one view to name but a few tasks we have for it.

      I agree that they seem useless for productivity tasks but then I would always need my laptop for work related stuff because of the specialised apps I have the need to use.

    2. RichyS
      Thumb Down


      This argument is getting boring.

      Just because /you/ can't see a need for tablets, doesn't mean everyone else is an idiot of buying (with a 'u') one.

      Maybe you think everyone else is an idiot for not putting spaces in front of their punctuation too. Doesn't make you right...

    3. Geoff Campbell



      That is all.


    4. Anonymous Coward
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      cant do real work on them? why not? for me, the tablet seems to be the ideal device for many things we put up with doing on a smartphone currently purely because a smartphone is the best there has been until now.

      Doing any kind of real work on a smartphone is close to impossible due to screen resolution and input method. I mean, I've got office apps, ebook readers, RDP/VNC clients etc etc on my phone, none of which are really usable due to screen size/resolution. On a tablet with a decent screen mode these kind of things will be easily common uses.

      Right now, the problem with tablets is that the software isn't out there yet to fully exploit them. It will be in the next year or two though - then I wouldnt be surprised if people actually revert back to simpler phones - because I personally find smartphones dont actually make a great phone at all.

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    rant mode

    Who pays for/reads all this pseudo-rigorous marketing crap? Which random number generator do they get their figures from? Who the hell knows how many iPads will be sold in four years time - and who can predict that iOS will have 47.1% of the market - not 47.2 or 47.0 or even 'around half', but precisely 47.1% - I doubt whether Apple could predict how many they'll sell next month to that level of precision, never mind in four years time.

    Does anyone have their predictions from 2006 of how many iPads would sell last year? How close was their guess?

    Why do we waste oxygen on these 'market analysts'? Why don't they just piss off to the bookies and put their oracular skills to the test with their own money?


    1. lurker

      So true..

      Spot on. The 'tablet market' didn't even exist two years ago, and these jokers think they can foresee where we'll be in (to a tenth of a percent) in 4? You couldn't even buy an android phone 4 years ago, and now there are more of them than you can shake a mucky stick at...

  4. Gadget Rage is BAD


    Perhaps if you used a tablet instead of a smartphone you'd be able to type a reply that didn't look like it'd be written by a 12 year old?

    Either that or you just need to learn to spell and type?


      The fanboy dance.

      > Perhaps if you used a tablet instead of a smartphone

      Nope. A bigger tablet really doesn't help.

      Not all of the detractors here are people that have never touched a fondleslab.

      Tablets are inherently bad at some things. Whereas other Tablet failings are artificial limitations imposed by platform vendors.

    2. S2S


      Well I am dyslexic. Hope your proud of your self .

  5. blodwyn


    Ahhh, the old "I can't think of a use for, or can't afford a tablet, so that means they're useless and nobody in the rest of the world needs one" logic.

    Based on your own argument that only idiots buy tablets, you would seem to be a prime candidate for one.

  6. James Hughes 1

    I can think of a use

    Lots of them in fact. I'd buy one in a flash, (if it ran flash), but they are still too expensive for what you get. The moment someone does it much cheaper and better than Apple (Not an Apple fan, but the iPad is a nice bit of kit), then all Gartners predictions go out of the window.

    Still amazed the prices are so high considering what you get in them. Smacks of money grabbing to me.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Market not mature

      The price is not driven solely by the components but by the ability to package them together: high resolution screen, enough memory and battery power but light enough. Apple currently has a big advantage in this area and the volume to get preferential terms on key components.

      As for the figures: if I had a quid for every time Gartner got it totally fucking wrong...

    2. SuccessCase

      I am a title in my own right - but there are people out there who are out to get me

      "Still amazed the prices are so high considering what you get in them. Smacks of money grabbing to me."

      I think you will find that is the benefit the open PC architecture brought to the table. The modular design has lead to massive competition in component supply with economies of scale helped by standardisation. But the days are numbered for devices where the components rattle around inside a cavernous shell.

      Tablets have to be bespoke build, with the main board and shell and many of the components being bespoke build. To get the iPad so thin whilst retaining strength Apple have done lots of design and engineering work. Their competitors also thought the iPad was expensive when it was brought out and on being told the pricing scoffed at Jobs's claim it was competitive. Whether you like or loath Jobs, Apple had been analysing the problem for some time and, so perhaps unsurprisingly, Jobs was proved right. Their competitors were judging the price they could achieve based on their experience in the commoditised, wholesale PC/Laptop Market. The fact Apple's competitors have not been able to better Apple's price, despite in some cases, reportedly running at a loss just to get into the Market, speaks volumes. So no my friend, they aren't money grabbing (Apple, unlike their competitors, are undoubtedly making a healthy margin - though apparently, for strategic reasons - e.g. To build up a leading market share - a fair bit less than their usual mark-up. Their strategy being that through being first and, for now, best, they will reap greater benefit later when, with the extra volume they will achieve, their bespoke component part costs will come down faster than the competitions). The, truth is we, the consumer, are paying the price of the fetish we have for shiny and slim. The moral: if you value cheap, stick with fat and cavernous.

  7. The main man
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    If you believe the claptrap that comes out of Gartner, then the Nintendo DS would have been DOA (dead on arrival) when it first launched in 2005

  8. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    The battle for hype

    "The problem for tablet makers will be making their Android tablets stand out from everyone else's Android tablets. If they're not careful, punters' brand loyalty will be to the OS not the manufacturer"

    The whole battle *is* about brand loyalty, or they wouldn't slap "ANDROID! ANDROID! ANDROID!" all over the marketing and advertising would they ;-)

    The real problem for Android tablet makers is damage to the Android brand and reputation, especially when a plethora of crap abounds using older and unsuitable versions of Android, being locked-down or unable to use the Android Market Place, the latest, or whatever becomes the current must-have, apps.

    You only have to read the reviews for the 7" Android / Elonex tablet that Asda sell to realise it was still-born, thus can already be found in Computer Exchange and Cash Converter.

  9. Robert E A Harvey


    I see that I don't need to make my customary disparaging remarks about futurologists, spurious precision, and wishful thinking. It's all been said.

    But I'm going to post anyway in case somebody predicted I would. Wouldn't like them to get it wrong!

  10. yella

    Cost and value for money

    There are many points for someone looking for a tablet, I believe they come in the following order.


    Battery Life

    Applications available

    Now I know some people may disagree with this, but atm the iPad is the winner, even if a tablet that does the first two points the same as the iPad, they will fail on the last step being applications available.

    This point is purely down to the devs out there, a lot of these will be wanting to design games and apps for them, but they see no real revenue from such a small market place.

    In my experience people buy the iPad for the mass of free stuff available for it, then in time start to buy applications. And being there such a lot of free stuff (even if its not good) people feel they are getting much more than they actually are.

    Until the other manufacturers can at least offer the same for the same price, no one is going to spend more on a tablet (399) with a poor market place to buy things from (free more than paid).

  11. Tankut Erinc

    decimal points

    Adding those decimal points are crucial for snake-oil-salesman creds.

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