back to article Official iSteve biography gets 2012 release

A biography about Apple boss Steve Jobs will be published in 2012 and it has the all-important official seal of approval from the man himself. Simon & Schuster, the publisher behind Walter Isaacson's iSteve: The Book of Jobs, confirmed that the author had been working on the biog since 2009. In that time, Isaacson has …


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  1. Code Monkey
    Jobs Horns

    iFawning iTripe

    "Just as he did with Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, Walter Isaacson is telling a unique story of revolutionary genius."

    Really? And there was me thinking he designed some computers and gadgets.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Translation: "I hate Apple"

      Why bother with the charade? Just write, "I hate Apple", and be done with it.

      It is simply a fact that - in the eyes of most of the world - Apple has been hugely influential in the computer industry. And for most of that time (when it was most influential) Steve Jobs was at the helm. It's not that everyone thinks he personally did all this, nor does Steve claim it (listen to Steve's acknowledgement of his team at Apple in his most recent public appearance). But the man is also due some recognition, and many people will be interested to learn more about him. His work at NeXT and Pixar is also likely to be of interest. There's a story there, and many will pay to hear it told.

  2. ViagraFalls

    Them apples...

    I don't like the sound of them apples, Will. What are we gonna do?

  3. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    iSteve: The Book of Jobs

    Is someone trying to tell us something with this title??


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Business as usual

    10 Book date will be published.

    20 A lot of negative press will ensue.

    30 Lots of people will turn up to stores for one.

    40 Many will leave disappointed because there are not enough.

    50 Later reviews will indicate the book is briliant, but all the 1st print eiditions will be gone.

    60 V n+1 will come out in a few years time with more information, rendering Vn undesirable.

    70 GOTO 10

    1. Naughtyhorse


      you forgot the part where the paper is treated to you cannot annotate it :-)

      or the way random chapters will, without warning, disappear when ever the books _real_ owner desires.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Maybe its just me

    but I would rather slide down a razor blade with my bollocks as brakes than read another tossers view on life.

    PS Not limited to this numpty either, that's any biography.

    PPS Oh look, another Apple story <yawn>

    1. koncordski

      @ jim booth

      "PPS Oh look, another Apple story <yawn>"

      You read it, and commented on it. WTF?

  6. Richard Wharram

    Patent application

    Apple's lawyers are attempting to patent something called a 'biography' which is a collection of writings detailing the life of an individual, or less frequently, more than one individual, written by a third-party.

    Apple is firmly convinced this is something that will catch on and will likely be emulated by Apple's competitors without paying Apple due royalties for the invention and fostering which it spent many thousands of man-years working on, unless it is granted the protection in law it deserves.

  7. Tim Jenkins

    "there was me thinking he designed some computers and gadgets"

    Actually I suspect Mr Jobs has 'designed' f*ck all. That's never been his position within Apple. However, given his involvement over thirty years with a reasonably prominent technology company and having at least some influence on the arrival of "some computers and gadgets" like the Apple II, Apple Mac, iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad (not to mention NeXT , Pixar and $8 billion in personal net worth), I think he qualifies for a biography at least as much as, say, Cheryl Cole...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I bet they'll still charge the publishers 30%

    If they try to sell it for the iPad.

  9. ShaggyDoggy

    Why bother

    Just wait 6 months and buy iSteve 2 instead

  10. Jaffy23
    Jobs Horns

    Don't like the book?

    then you're reading it wrong...


    Sent from my iPhone

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