back to article Optus launches '3G at home' femtocell

Optus has launched Australia’s first consumer femtocell service to a chorus of shrugs and yawns. Australians with a fixed broadband connection can now use that service to connect 3G devices with the device, marketed as Optus 3G Home Zone, ensuring that they can "get five bars" of 3G coverage in their homes. With the device …


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  1. Watzths
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    Unless 3G

    If I'm at home why do I still want to use 3G? I already have wifi... What a piece of useless technology... Paying extra for this.? Fix up the network Optus...

  2. P. Lee

    3g only or voice (+3g)?

    I can see some benefit if you have dodgy optus connectivity for voice but want a cheaper (than telstra) optus contract to receive voice calls. Your phone should switch to your wifi connection anyway.

    Now, if optus had a revenue-share scheme if I provide connectivity for my neighbours, or if calls were charged at voip rates while using my own femtocell, then I might be interested...

    How about bundling this (on a different pvc) with internet connections?

  3. Beritknight
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    Mobile phones are only used for facebook these days?

    I don't get the data-focused slant on most of the stories I'm reading about Optus and femtocells. I live in a bit of a dip and get weak, spotty reception on all carriers. My phone already uses my WiFi connection when I'm at home, so emails and things come thru fine 24x7. What bothers me is when people call me and because of the room of the house I'm in they get my voicemail.

    If a femto cell means I get phone calls and SMS messages *reliably* when I'm at home, then I'm all for it.

  4. Stan 3

    There are other femtocell models

    Look at Japan - SoftBank offers all its customers free femtocells as part of a wider drive to differentiate on quality of experience.

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